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CBD Shatter

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CBD Shatter

Colorado Breeder’s Depot CBD Shatter is the most highly refined medicinal dabbing product available in the hemp industry. By removing all THC in the first step of processing, we are able to repeat the unique forced-air refining process up to 30 times to create 90% cannabinoid potency completely legal in all 50 states. After the process is complete we reintroduce cannabis terpenes for extra medicinal effect and richer flavors. Shatter is a brittle, honey-colored hemp extract created for the highest potency dabbing experience. This product is available with either CBN, CBD, or Delta8 cannabinoids.

  1. Michael Martin

    CBD Shatter is my favorite way to find balance and serenity amidst a chaotic day.

  2. Andrew Martinez

    Whether I need to de-stress or find inner peace, CBD Shatter delivers every time.

  3. Alexander Marshall

    CBD Shatter a powerful dose of relaxation that keeps me centered and calm!

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