CBG Clones

$6 per clone



Our CBD & CBG Selections

All of our CBD and CBG varietals are field-tested, certified and THC compliant.

CBG hemp varietals are in high demand for 2020, but many breeders are rushing to market unstable CBG genetics. We started working with CBG genetics more than a year ago.

All hemp plants start out producing CBG, but as the flower matures, the CBG converts. By breeding and back-crossing for multiple generations, we were able to change the molecular structure of the flower and stop that conversion process, resulting in reliably high CBG results at harvest.

Our Hemp Seedlings

It’s simple. You choose the hemp seed you want to plant. We start them for you.

Your hemp seedlings receive the same vigorous care and attention ours do. Once they are grown to size, they are re-checked, hardened off and shipped when you need them.

Our Hemp Clones

Even starting with our 100 percent feminized seeds, a hemp farmer still has a risk of unwanted pollination.

Statistically, odds are out of every 5000 feminized female plants one will revert to male or become a hermaphrodite with both female hemp flower and male hemp pollen. And, unfortunately, it only takes one to pollinate an entire crop!

While we teach you how to conduct a visual rouging regime for males and hermaphrodites, for hemp farmers that want ultimate peace of mind, we recommend starting with clone transplants.

Our CBD and CBG clones are a ‘best in class’ program. We start them from slips taken from our most vigorous, feminized mother plants. Once rooted, they get all the same attention and care as all of our hemp seedlings.

Because they come from our multi-generation, stable genetic pool of 100% feminized to start with, our clones are the ultimate assurance of female hemp flower only in your hemp field.


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