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CBG Kief
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CBG Kief is a carefully collected mass of trichomes that captures the essence of several hemp flower strains in a condensed form. Powdered trichomes include a high concentration of cannabinoids such as CBG (cannabigerol) and the unique terpene profiles of the hemp strains from which they are extracted.

Consumption Options for CBG Kief


Its fine texture makes it perfect for use in the kitchen, where it will lend an extra dose of cannabinoids to whatever you’re cooking.


If you want to spice up your rolled materials, try sprinkling some CBG Kief.


If you want to improve your smoking session, try adding it as a topping, layering it, or mixing it with other materials.


If you want to vape something flavorful and potent, try mixing CBG Kief with your favorite strain of hemp flowers.

Unlocking the Trichome Treasure

Premium hemp flowers have shiny coats called trichomes, which contain a wealth of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Although CBGA is transformed into CBG when heated, the CBGA in this kief may be enjoyed in its unprocessed form.

Hand-Trimmed Perfection

To preserve the CBG Kief’s natural qualities and increase its cannabinoid content, it is carefully hand-trimmed by experts.

CBG Kief Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

cbd kief in grinder
Also known as ‘dry sift’ or ‘pollen’, kief is the commonly used name to refer to the crystalline, bulbous tip of a cannabis plant’s resin gland. Common misconceptions explain kief as simply “the crystal trichomes”, but in actuality, kief is only one part of a trichome.

This tip of the resin gland is where most of the cannabinoid punch is packed. While cannabinoids can be found throughout hemp plant material, these resin glands are where they are concentrated highest and most in abundance.

Produced by the cannabis as a defense mechanism originally, years of selective breeding has created numerous hemp strains that are littered with thick, snowy-white layers of trichomes that contain the compact kief crystals.

Kief is an awesome alternative for people who want a potent hemp smoking experience but without smoke entering their lungs. Since collecting pure kief is somewhat of a chemical-free, solventless extraction of the ‘good stuff’ present in hemp, it requires smoking less to produce the same cannabinoid consumption content as smoking the whole CBG hemp flower.

A popular way to use kief is to use it as a sort of “bowl topper” or sprinkle some along a joint before rolling it up. This will enhance whatever you’re about to smoke with added terpenes and cannabinoids, while utilizing only a small percentage of your kief stash.

You can also use kief to make hashish by applying heat and pressure (some people can even make hash by rubbing fingerfuls of kief between their palms in a circular motion). By applying even more pressure and pressure, rosin can be produced.

If you are looking to eat with it, you can sprinkle some onto any flower you’re planning on decarboxylating. It needs to be ‘activated’ by low heat like any other hemp product that’ll be processed by the liver.

The simple answer is agitation. Using force to knock off these resinous bulbs that cover the plant, collecting kief at any scale is relatively simple. If you’ve ever used a three-chamber grinder, you have already collected kief, perhaps without even knowing it!

Three-chamber grinders and kief boxes both contain thin sifting screens above an isolated compartment that catch all the loose crystals that fall off the plant when ground up or shaken.

If you were to purchase some of our hemp buds, you would be able to collect kief from them yourself with the right tools!

CBD kief with hemp nugs

Kief can visually appear as a few different colors, but will always have an almost fluffy, powdery appearances. Since it’s basically a bunch of loosely collected crystals, sometimes it’s hard to handle without leaving a little residue behind.

Practice makes perfect, through either the corner of a playing card, or a dedicated dab scoop— kief handling can sometimes require a little ingenuity.

Some kief can appear with a greenish-brown tint to it. The greener the tint of the kief collection, the more plant material was left behind in the acquisition of the desired resin crystals. The highest quality kief has almost no green tint to it and appears as a light brown, golden-brown or off-white (depending on the strains used to collect it).

Depending on the strain that your kief comes from, the terpene profiles can very. Most people just think it “smells like hemp weed” but the discerning palette will potentially be able to identify a kushy, skunky cheesy smell compared to something zesty and peppery.

When sprinkled onto a bowl or added to flower in some way, it just enhances the potency and the taste overall without becoming overbearing to the terpenes already in the flower.

Yes, you can cook with kief. You can cook with any hemp plant matter grown safely for human consumption, and kief is safe for human consumption.

Like cooking with flower, kief needs to be decarbed before it will be able to be processed in your liver. Carefully heating it at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25-30 minutes will activate the cannabinoids inside the kief power and can then be added to butter, batter, oils, and much more!
Cooking with kief adds significantly more potency— you’d have to cook with a whole lot more flower to equal the strength of kief’s concentrated cannabinoids.

Our CBG kief comes in drop-proof jars, with child-resistant lids and clear labeling on the top. The loose crystalline powder scoops up readily and doesn’t get stuck on the smoothness of the jar.

We advise you to avoid leaving your CBG kief out in direct sunlight or extreme heat for fear of degrading its potency. We can ship anywhere in the U.S. where hemp products are legal to possess and answer any questions about the purchase process.

Our kief comes from high CBG hemp flower, grown on-site and processed through multiple sifting screens with decreasing micron size filters. By leaving almost no residual plant matter, this product contains no-frills cannabinoids and terpenes for smoking, extracting, or cooking.

The same benefits that someone can get out of using CBG can be found in using high-CBG kief. Studies have shown that CBG can help increase appetite and sense of well-being and reduce nausea, glaucoma symptoms, pain signals and inflammation. The high potency of kief just means it takes less product to achieve these potential results.