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Non-Feminized CBG Seeds – La Crema

We offer this selection of non-feminized seeds to our fellow breeders. If you are a grower cultivating seedless smokable hemp flower from stabilized gene pools please refer to our feminized seed category. Our non-feminized seeds contain males and females in each 100 seed pack. Hemp breeders will enjoy the many different phenotypes expressed in each individual strain which they can use to select their favorite characteristics. We use these genetics ourselves when selecting the ideal traits for our own indoor flower production or feminized seed runs and we are happy to share our own process with other breeders in the hemp space.

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La Crema Non-Feminized CBG Seeds

Our third generation La Crema in non-feminized form is now available for growers and breeders. This provides the opportunity to pheno-hunt for the desired traits in a CBG plant, as well as to harvest male pollen for future cross-breeding trials. This is a very exciting development for those who are interested in breeding and developing new strains of CBG. We are confident that this will be a valuable tool for breeders and growers alike. We look forward to seeing the innovative new strains that are developed using this technology.

With more and more people becoming interested in the many benefits of CBG, it’s no surprise that there are now a variety of CBG-rich strains available. If you’re looking to add some CBG-heavy strains to your garden, La Crema will give you  three phenotypes  that are definitely worth considering. First phenotype is known for its high CBG content (up to 18%). This cut also has a unique terpene profile that sets it apart from the other CBG varieties. Second, there’s the 9%CBG phenotype, which is a great option if you’re looking for a lower-potency CBG plant that finishes fast and has very high yields. This selection is also known for its easy growing traits, making it a great choice for beginners. Lastly, there’s the 12%CBG strain, which is perfect for those looking for a potent CBG experience. This strain has a strong terpene profile that’s sure to please even the most discerning of palates. So, whether you’re looking for a high-potency plant or an easy-to-grow strain, there’s definitely a CBG-rich variety in there that’s perfect for you.

La Crema Non-Feminized CBG Seeds are an exciting new strain that is sure to please everyone from experienced to first-time growers. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a potent CBG content that gives it a wonderful nose floral aroma with a hint of diesel. The flower time for this strain ranges between 55 and 70 days, and yields are medium to high, making it a great option for growers. But the real beauty of La Crema is in its buds, which are light green with bright orange hairs and ivory frosted trichomes. These buds not only look amazing, but they also have a great flavor profile that makes them ideal for smoking. So if you’re looking for a new strain to try, be sure to check out La Crema Non-Feminized CBG Seeds. You won’t be disappointed.

Our genetics team has cross bread this CBG seed with a high industrial Hemp strain to create high quality CBG seed. Get indoor grown CBG seed before it is too late. Be ahead of the next industry trend with high potency CBG. Our breeders take their expertise to create a high CBG strain. This is our 2nd year breeding CBG!