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CBN Shatter

CBN Shatter

CBN Shatter is the most highly refined medicinal CBN dabbing product available in the hemp industry. CBN is a potent compound only present in very small amounts naturally. Hemp flower with high levels of CBN cannabinoids provide a powerful sleep aid providing the consumer with heavy relaxation effects. Because CBN is present in small quantities, most CBN concentrated products on the market require processing a large amount of hemp flower which adds significant added cost to the consumer. We offer CBN Concentrate at an affordable price by converting the more abundant CBD cannabinoid to the CBN cannabinoid in a lab environment. After the process is complete, we reintroduce cannabis terpenes for extra medicinal effect and richer flavors. Shatter is a brittle, honey-colored hemp extract created for the highest potency dabbing experience. Our incredible CBN Shatter is available in two delicious cannabis flavors: Lemon Haze and Sour Diesel.

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