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Cherry D9 Gummies – 100MG

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Cherry D9 Gummies

These Cherry D9 Gummies are perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of THC without smoking. Each gummy has less than .3% total THC, making them 100% federally compliant. They’re available in three delicious flavors – cherry, green melon, and pineapple – and each pack contains 100mg of D9 THC. Each candy is 10mg THC, so they’re very potent and long-lasting. Plus, they’re vegan-friendly!

  1. Jameson Flores

    Great product. The gummies are very strong and they taste really good.

  2. Robert Hill

    I buy gummies from the dispensary all the time. These hit me exactly the same and they get delivered to me. I will be ordering more for sure.

  3. Jonathan Nguyen

    I love these D9 THC gummies. The cherry tastes the best in my opinion.

  4. Michael Adams

    I had such a good experience with this company all around. I spoke with John who educated me on these legal THC gummies. He assured me that the potency will still be very strong while maintaining legality. After speaking with him I placed my order and I was very pleased with the product. The potency was very good and the flavor was exactly how I like my edibles to taste. I recommend this company to everyone I know.

  5. Daniel Green

    I ordered during the BOGO sale. My order arrived in a few days. I loved the quality and potency of these gummies. I can’t believe I can get THC gummies delivered to my house legally. This is a blessing.

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