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Cherry Wine CBD Seeds – Non Feminized

We offer this selection of non-feminized seeds to our fellow breeders. If you are a grower cultivating seedless smokable hemp flower from stabilized gene pools please refer to our feminized seed category. Our non-feminized seeds contain males and females in each 100 seed pack. Hemp breeders will enjoy the many different phenotypes expressed in each individual strain which they can use to select their favorite characteristics. We use these genetics ourselves when selecting the ideal traits for our own indoor flower production or feminized seed runs and we are happy to share our own process with other breeders in the hemp space.

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Cherry Wine CBD Seeds – Non Feminized

Cherry Wine is one of the most well known strains in hemp. She produces extremely potent sweet, floral, fruity terpenes which are highly sought after for CBD creams, lotions, and tinctures. Some outdoor farmers had trouble growing Cherry Wine in earlier years because of hermaphroditing plants or extremely high non compliant cannabinoid content. We are proud to answer these problems with a new restabilized Cherry Wine CBD Seeds.

To produce this strian, we took the original, well known Cherry Wine CBD Seeds and crossed and stabilized it in our breeding program to the 9th generation. Cherry Wine can now dominate a hemp field as the most stable strain on the market. Her strong sativa genetics give farmers the freedom to plant densely with close spacing for efficient weed control. Plants grow uniformly taller than the indica crosses on the field while at the same time establishing thicker sturdier stalks than her previous generations. Farmers can harvest her flower on day 60 or earlier in order to maintain THC compliance, while other growers can allow her to develop thicker buds and higher cannabinoids all the way past day 70. Her floral flavors make her more attractive to the oil market, particularly for terpene extraction, and less attractive for the smokable flower market.

Within the realm of hemp cultivation, the name Cherry Wine resonates as one of the most renowned strains. Revered for its potent sweet, floral, and fruity terpenes, Cherry Wine has become a sought-after variety for producing CBD creams, lotions, and tinctures. However, early challenges in growing Cherry Wine, such as hermaphroditism and non-compliant cannabinoid content, prompted a solution. In response, Colorado Breeders Depot proudly presents a breakthrough in the form of their new restabilized Cherry Wine CBD Seeds.

The Quest for Stability

The quest to address the challenges faced by outdoor farmers in growing Cherry Wine led to the inception of the restabilization process. Colorado Breeders Depot has achieved a remarkable feat by meticulously crossing and stabilizing the original Cherry Wine CBD Seeds for nine generations. The strain now stands as the epitome of stability within the hemp market, ensuring consistent growth and performance in the field.

The Power of Sativa Genetics

Cherry Wine’s genetic makeup leans towards the sativa side, empowering hemp farmers with a unique advantage. Its strong sativa genetics allow for efficient weed control through dense planting and close spacing. As plants grow uniformly taller than indica crosses, they establish thicker and sturdier stalks, enhancing their resistance to environmental stressors. This characteristic ensures a higher chance of successful cultivation. It allows farmers to choose optimal harvest times based on their specific goals. Cherry Wine’s sativa genetics further contribute to its sustainability profile. Sativa-dominant strains often require less water and nutrients than indica varieties, making them more resource-efficient in cultivation. This attribute conserves valuable resources and reduces the strain on local ecosystems and water supplies.

Unveiling the Floral Treasure

Cherry Wine’s captivating floral flavors make it an attractive choice for the oil market, particularly for terpene extraction. The aromatic profile of Cherry Wine holds immense value in the realm of CBD products, lending a delightful sensory experience to creams, lotions, and tinctures. However, its appeal for the smokable flower market may be less pronounced due to its emphasis on terpene extraction rather than dense buds.

Nurturing the Breeding Community

Colorado Breeders Depot acknowledges the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the hemp breeding community. By offering non-feminized Cherry Wine CBD Seeds, they extend a hand to fellow breeders, allowing them to explore the diverse phenotypes and select their desired characteristics. These non-feminized seeds contain males and females, allowing breeders to tap into genetic variation and refine their unique strains.

Harmony and Nature

Beyond its genetic stability and market appeal, Cherry Wine CBD Non-Feminized Seeds are committed to sustainable and environmentally conscious farming practices. Colorado Breeders Depot recognizes the importance of cultivating hemp in harmony with nature. Cherry Wine serves as a testament to their dedication to sustainability.

By selecting and breeding Cherry Wine for enhanced resilience and adaptability. Farmers can optimize their cultivation techniques to align with sustainable principles. The strain’s ability to thrive with denser planting and close spacing allows for efficient weed control. Reducing the need for synthetic herbicides and minimizing the environmental impact. Furthermore, developing sturdy stalks through selective breeding enhances the plant’s ability to withstand natural stressors, reducing the reliance on pesticides and other chemical interventions.


Moreover, using Cherry Wine to produce CBD creams, lotions, and tinctures promotes a more sustainable approach to wellness. As consumers increasingly prioritize natural and organic products, the demand for hemp-derived CBD continues to grow. By harnessing the floral and fruity terpenes of Cherry Wine, these CBD products can provide plant-based alternative to synthetic options. Aligning with a holistic and eco-conscious lifestyle.

In addition, Cherry Wine CBD Non-Feminized Seeds offer opportunities for regenerative farming practices. Through careful selection and phenotypic exploration, breeders can identify traits that enhance soil health, increase biodiversity, and promote carbon sequestration. The rich genetic diversity within the non-feminized seeds allows for the development of resilient. And adaptive strains that can thrive in diverse environmental conditions. This resilience ensures the longevity of hemp cultivation and contributes to agricultural ecosystems’ overall health and vitality.

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