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Cherry Wine Feminized Hemp Seeds

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Cherry Wine Feminized Hemp Seeds

Cherry Wine Feminized Hemp Seeds is one of the most well known strains in hemp. She produces extremely potent sweet, floral, fruity terpenes which are highly sought after for CBD creams, lotions, and tinctures. Some outdoor farmers had trouble growing cherry wine in earlier years because of hermaphroditing plants or extremely high non compliant cannabinoid content. We are proud to answer these problems with a new restabilized cherry wine. We took the original well known cherry wine strain and crossed and stabilized it in our breeding program to the 9th generation. Cherry Wine Feminized Hemp Seeds can now dominate a hemp field as the most stable strain on the market. Her strong sativa genetics give farmers the freedom to plant densely with close spacing for efficient weed control. Plants grow uniformly taller than the indica crosses on the field while at the same time establishing thicker sturdier stalks than her previous generations. Farmers can harvest her flower on day 60 or early in order to maintain THC compliance; while other growers can allow her to develop thicker buds and higher cannabinoids all the way past day 70. Her floral flavors make her more attractive to the oil market, particularly for terpene extraction, and less attractive for the smokable flower market.

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