Cherry Wine Feminized CBD Hemp Seed

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Our Cherry Wine strain comes on strong at an 18:1 CBD/THC & CBD/THC ratio. This product is known for its very robust terpene (11%) profile and is ideal for high quality extraction. It is very rich in B-Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene and A-Pinene. Farnesene comprises its terpene content, which gives this lovely plant it’s green apple aroma.

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Product Details

High CBD low THC Feminized CBD seeds.

Cherry Wine
Lineage Origin
The wife X Charlottes Cherries Colorado
Seed Stats
Germination Purity Hard/Dormant Weeds Inert Crop Test Date Noxious Weeds
89% 99% 1% None 1% 0% 10/20/2018 0%
Crop Stats
CBDa THC Auto Flower Sex Ratio Terpene
16 – 22% >.3% No 99% Female 10%+ Sweet/Cherries
Seed Germination Veg Light Veg Time Bloom Time Sex Show Suggested Planting Date Suggested Harvest Date
7-14 Days 18-24 Hours 30-90 Days 50-60 Days 14-21 Days June 1 1-Oct
Spacing Height Root System Flower Structure Flower Set Leaves Structure
3-6 Feet 4-5 Feet Fast Speed & Size Medium Dense Colas Average Medium Single Cola/Short-wide
Tolerance Light Senstivity Water Consumption
Cold/Hot Some Snow Mold/Mildew Pests&Wind Moderate Low-Moderate Average
Crop Use Yield Fiber Production Oil Production
Oil/Flower 1 – 2 LBS Low Very High


Cherry Wine Germ Test 2019 100%

Cherry Wine Germ Test 2019

Cherry Wine 2019 COA

Cherry Wine 2018 COA

Cherry Wine 2017 COA

CW Pollen COA


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