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Cherry Wine Viable CBD Hemp Pollen

$550.00 per gram

  • Pollen must be taken out and thawed at room temperature for 24 hours before shipping
  • The thawed pollen must be shipped overnight
  • Once the Pollen arrives it must be used within 7 days
  • Pollen refrozen and thawed is less viable
  • Pollen is most viable when applied in an environment with less than 40% humidity.

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Are you a hemp farmer interested in developing a site-specific feminized strain?

At Colorado Breeder’s Depot, instead of worrying about proprietary genetics, we’ve focused on creating relationships and building the industry. So, we’ve ‘open-sourced’ our best feminized hemp pollen and offer it for sale for hemp farmers looking to breed their own.

Over many years of trials and tests, we’ve learned that not all feminized hemp pollen is created equal. The pollen strains we’ve selected offer the highest breeding viability increasing your seed production.

We also teach you the process of creating your own feminized seeds. All we ask is that you share your results.

Together we’ll create a strong hemp industry.


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