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Baba HHCO 500 MG 5ct Gummies (100mg per Gummy) – Cotton Candy

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Experience the one-of-a-kind Cotton Candy Baba HHCO 500 MG 5ct Gummies by Colorado Breeders Depot! Our newest addition to our gummy line will satisfy any sweet tooth craving you’ve been denying yourself.

These delicious gummies come in a surprisingly vivid and mouthwatering Cotton Candy flavor – not just any ol’ Fluffy Stuff from your local fair. For adults 21 and over, our gummies are best savored and not guzzled. We want you to enjoy every savoury bite’s unique, carefully crafted flavor.

You get 500mg of HHCO in one pack, split up into five 100mg gummies. Take your chance to taste this unforgettable flavor that will take you back to your childhood. Enjoy the unique and powerful effects of HHCO with Cotton Candy Baba HHCO 500 MG 5ct Gummies from Colorado Breeder Depot!