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D8 Flight 2000MG Food Additive


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D8 Flight 2000MG Food Additive

Attention food enthusiasts! Colorado Breeders Depot is thrilled to introduce our newest product from D8 Flight – the Delta 8 2000 MG food drizzle! Take your taste buds on a ride like never before with our Delta 8 Food Drizzle. It’s as simple as cooking your desired meal, and then adding a drizzle of Delta 8 Food Drizzle on top. Whether it’s a juicy steak, scrumptious Italian dish, or fresh salad, elevate your dining experience to a whole new level! Just remember, don’t cook using this product as high temperatures will break down Delta 8 and prevent you from experiencing the full ride. Only apply it to food after cooking and enjoy the ultimate flavor boost and euphoric experience!

Suggested Use:

  • Apply drizzle to desired strength.

Suggested serving:

  • 1ml
  • A 2000mg bottle of Food Drizzle will give you approx. 33mg /Delta 8 per serving

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