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D8 Flight 30ML 2000MG + MCT Oil


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D8 Flight 30ML 2000MG + MCT Oil

Attention all thrill-seeking cannabis enthusiasts! Are you ready to experience the latest and greatest product from Colorado Breeders Depot? Introducing the D8 Flight 2000 MG Delta8 Tincture – a game-changing blend of Delta 8 Distillate and MCT oil that delivers an incredible high while being incredibly easy to use. Just place a few drops under your tongue and let the magic happen. Hold it there for a minute and voila! You’re ready to go about your day while enjoying a steady buzz that sets the tone for whatever adventure comes your way. Trust us, the longer you hold this powerful tincture under your tongue, the better the effects. However, please practice safe dosing habits and make sure to enjoy responsibly. Get your hands on the D8 Flight 2000 MG Delta8 Tincture today and discover the next generation of cannabis-infused products!

Recommended Serving:

Personal Dosage per 30ml bottle will vary depending on the users preferred strength. We advise that you take a half dropper and see how you feel in an hour. If you feel that you need more at that time, you can re-dose.

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