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D8 Gummies


Enjoy these delicious, Delta 8 gummies in terplock sealed bags to maintain freshness and purity.


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Introducing Colorado Breeders Depot’s Delta-8 Edible Gummies!


After many iterations and test batches, we are proud to finally present our D8-infused gummies. The objective was simple: create a gummy delicious enough to complement our incredibly clean Delta-8 concentrate.

Producing clean Delta-8 is the first step to creating an edible product that is safe and effective as much as it is pleasant to consume.

We create our D8 extract through our GMP, OSHA-certified lab partners by converting CBG and CBD into Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol. The process is a complicated, linear track of employing special solvents and heating tactics that transition pre-existing major cannabinoids into Delta-8.

Delicious, Vegan-Friendly, and Irresistible


These gummies are 100% vegan-friendly, using all-natural fruit and plant derived products, colorings and flavors. We use pectin instead of gelatin to ensure absolutely any dietary lifestyle can indulge happily.

Our multi-colored D8 edibles come in a resealable bag that ensures freshness and flavor remains no matter how long you wait before redosing. Gelatin-free, sweetly fruity, and perfectly snackable: these tasty edibles make eating just one extremely difficult.

But, for those new to Delta-8 edibles, we highly recommend starting small! With 10 gummies per package, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to taste the all-natural candy taste we worked so hard to get justright.

What Do Delta-8 Gummies Feel Like?

While it’s true that D8 is much less psychoactive than traditional Delta-9 THC, converting and processing cannabinoids through the liver is a much different experience. If you’ve tried our D8 Shatter or our Designer Hemp Delta-8 Flower, you are in for a blissful, slightly different experience with these gummies.

Each gummy contains 25mg of Delta-8 concentrate. After series of testing, we found this to be the sweet spot for single and double dosing. Some companies load up their gummies with way more D8 than necessary, requiring inaccurate dosing by requiring users to take halves or quarters. 25 milligrams is the sweet spot for novice and moderate user tolerances to hit the sweet spot of clear-headed, minorly psychoactive goodness.

Regular marijuana edible enthusiasts have found it takes about double the average dose to feel similar physical effects from Delta-8 oral consumption.

Benefits of eating Delta-8 edible gummies include

  • Anxiety relief
  • Clarity with psychoactive mental ‘high’
  • Physical and mental relaxation
  • Improved focus and motivation for creative or calming tasks
  • Mood-boosting effects that can help with depression symptoms
  • Pain-relief including inflammation, joint and muscle pains, and menstrual cramps
  • Sleep aid
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Nausea relief

Like other cannabis-derived cannabinoids, eating them and smoking them create two very different physical experiences. Our D8 gummies are perfect for getting body relaxation and sleep aid. The liver makes the cannabinoid effects duration is increased and sometimes more intense, depending on a user’s tolerance and metabolism. It will take longer for the effects to be felt compared against smoking a Delta-8 pre-roll or similar inhaled product, but it will also last longer. There is a pronounced body-focused effect that can help with pain relief and physical relaxation. Our testers found that taking a 25mg gummy a few hours before bed helped turn off racing thoughts and led to a deeper night’s rest.

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