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Delta 8 Pre Roll – Gelato Cake

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Do you enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal without leaving your house? Indoor growers, try our new Colorado Breeders Depot Delta 8 THC Gelato Cake pre-roll. The finest flowers from our indoor garden have been wrapped in a raw cone for your enjoyment. Our customers can be sure that the strength of each pre-roll is consistent since we load them with 1 gram of lab-tested Delta-8 THC flower. Our pre-rolls come in a tamper-evident package, so your valuable herbs are safe from curious hands. Gelato Cake is an excellent, affordable dessert with beautiful and savory terpenes like sweet berries and creamy vanilla. Our indoor Delta 8 THC Gelato Cake pre-rolls go quickly, so don’t delay!

Strain: Gelato Cake

Lineage: Gelato #33 X Wedding Cake

Type:  Indica-dominant

Potency: Over 18% Delta-8 THC

Smell: Creamy, Berry, Gassy, and Vanilla Frosting Aromas

Flavor: Berries and Vanilla

Weight: 1 Gram of Premium Indoor Flower

Packaging: Child-Proof Pre-Roll Tube

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