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Delta King D8 Pro 2.5G Disposable Vape – Blueberry OG

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Colorado Breeder’s Depot is pleased to introduce the Delta King D8 Pro 2.5G Disposable Vape – Blueberry OG, the newest member of our disposable vape family. Indica-dominant with notes of sweet camphor and sandalwood, our latest offering combines desirable traits from a DJ Short Blueberry and the iconic OG Kush. For your vaping enjoyment, we developed this strain to be as potent as possible.

Delta King D8 Pro is an experience unlike any other available today. We are sure that everyone will be really pleased with this incredibly polished combination, which boosts mood and encourages general well-being. Don’t hesitate; the remaining stock of Delta King D8 Pro won’t last forever. The newest member of the Colorado Breeder’s Depot family offers a vaping experience like no other.

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