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Delta King D8 Pro 2.5G Disposable Vape – OG Kush
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The Nok Out D8/HHC/THCP 2.5G Disposable Vape – OG Kush is Delta King’s newest disposable vape product. Perfect for those evenings or days when you simply want to calm down, this vape will relax you with its fantastic taste profile of lemon, citrus, and earth. This extreme nok-out cocktail is created with a high concentration of Delta 8 THC, HHC, and THCP for maximum effect.

Each Delta King Vape has a portable, disposable, rechargeable vape pen. Colorado Breeders Depot is dedicated to providing you with the most excellent quality items possible. Enjoy the calming benefits of the Delta King Nok Out D8/HHC/THCP 2.5G Disposable Vape – OG Kush as you charge up, light up, and zone out. For the pinnacle of vaping satisfaction, visit us online now.