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Doggo’s Delight 1000MG CBD Full Spectrum Infused for Pets 40 Treats / 15 MG CBD Each – Bacon Bones


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Our bacon-infused bones will turn every meal into an epic celebration. Each of these traditional bone-shaped cookies contains 25mg of CBD. These treats are hot with taste, and they’re sure to make your dog happy and may even be good for its health.

Why Give Your Dog Bacon-Stuffed Bones?

  • Happy Bacon

Your dog will love the tempting flavor of bacon in these infused bones. Your dog will love the blast of flavor in every mouthful, which is like a new, delicious experience.

  • Sprinkles of Felicity

Each skeleton has the promise of blissful idleness. These treats are ideal for your dog to relax and enjoy snack time since they include 25mg of CBD.

  • Doggie-Dippy Prosperity

These treats are made to make your dog happy, whether from the delicious bacon taste or the possible health advantages of CBD.

  • Lots of Fun Stuff

Infused Bacon Bones include 1000mg of CBD per batch, so you’ll have enough to share many joyful snack times with your dog.

  • Instructions

Give your dog one of these tasty bacon-themed treats to reward good behavior. Always have clean water available for your pet.

To ensure your dog gets the most out of each reward, you should wait at least 30 minutes between giving them. Each batch has 1000mg of CBD, so there is enough.