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Doggo’s Delight 750MG CBD Full Spectrum Infused for Pets 40 Treats / 15 MG CBD Each – Peanut Butter Hearts

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600mg CBD Peanut Butter Hearts

Make a few peanut butter hearts and express your emotions! Each peanut butter-flavored, coronary heart-shaped canine treat comprises 15 milligrams of CBD. It is suitable for calming your hairy accomplice down, but first-rate whenever. These snacks are delicious and made with your fitness in mind.

The benefits of giving your dog peanut butter heart treats

Peanut butter hearts are the stuff of dreams for anybody with a penchant for the nutty spread. Your dog’s tail will wag happily at the delicious, savory taste.

Potential Benefits and Relaxation: 15 milligrams of CBD, known for its relaxing properties, are added to each peanut butter heart. These tasty treats are a great option, whether you want to reward your dog or hope to promote their general health.

Each batch of Peanut Butter Hearts has 600mg of CBD, so you and your animal friend will have enough to go around. 


  1. Dogs weighing 5 and 35 pounds need just one peanut butter heart per day to get their recommended daily dose of CBD (15 milligrams). If you want to consume another treat, wait at least 30 minutes.
  2. Large Dogs (35 lb.+): Two peanut butter hearts per serving may be necessary to provide 30mg of CBD for large dogs. If you want to consume another treat, wait at least 30 minutes.
  3. Your dog may experience brief periods of calm and contentment while snacking on these goodies. Always check with your dog’s doctor to ensure CBD-infused snacks are safe and tasty for your pet.