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Extrax Live Resin HXC Disposable 2g – Cannatonic
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Are you looking for an unforgettable cannabis experience? Colorado Breeders Depot is proud to offer Extrax Live Resin HXC + HXC-P 2G Disposable – Cannatonic Hybrid that packs a powerful punch! We use a blend of the rare cannabinoids HXC and HXC-P  with 10 times the potency of THC alongside terpenes to maximize your experience. But don’t worry, this product will still hit you with that classic sweet and sour citrusy flavor combined with a spicy herbal exhale.

Get ready to enjoy an enjoyable, long-lasting high unlike any other! From the convenience of our online store, discover why Extrax Live Resin is changing the cannabis game. Add it to your cart today and feel the entourage effect like never before!