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Extrax Live Resin HXC Disposable 2g – Runtz
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Colorado Breeders Depot invites you to experience the extraordinary Extrax Live Resin HXC + HXC-P 2G Disposable – Runtz (Sativa)! Our formula is powered by a unique blend of Live Resin HXC and HXC-P, both exhibiting extraordinary potency with the added bonus of terpenes for an even greater effect.

Magic of HXC & HXC-P

HXC has become an increasingly popular compound within cannabis products since legislation has allowed us explore its potential benefits. Although its chemical composition is somewhat similar to that of THC, it still presents its own properties and effects. On the other hand, HXC-P distinguishes itself from its counterparts with a severe potency increase which can leave users feeling a heightened high that lasts longer than usual. You won’t want to miss out on this one!

Experience the same great flavor as you would with a bag of runtz candy with Runtz’ fruity profile. To top it all off, our product is completely disposable so there’s no need for annoying cleaning or setups – just enjoy all that Extrax Live Resin 2G Disposable Runtz Sativa has to offer! Shop now at Colorado Breeders Depot today and find out why everyone loves this new offering!