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Extrax Live Resin HXC Disposable 2g – SFV OG

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At Colorado Breeders Depot, we are proud to announce the release of our latest addition – Extrax Live Resin HXC + HXC-P 2G Disposable – SFV OG (Sativa)! Our prefilled disposable vaporizers provide customers with an ideal vaping experience. Utilizing a unique blend of innovative technologies and natural extracts, this product offers an incredible combination of potency and flavor.

Our Live Resin blend is made using two powerful minor cannabinoids HXC and HXC-P which have quickly become popular since laws surrounding cannabis have been relaxed in recent years. These two compounds are packed with 10x the potency of traditional THC, making for an intense yet enjoyable high that can last for hours on end. The signature flavor profile will also eclipse your expectations; a mix of sweet berries combined with an earthy, slightly diesel aroma gives users an incredibly rich and pleasant taste.

For those looking for a potent psychological boost as well as a great flavor experience, then the Extrax Live Resin HXC + HXC-P 2G Disposable SFV OG (Sativa) is exactly what you need! Order now and discover why Colorado Breeders Depot is the preferred choice for discerning customers everywhere!

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