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Extrax Live Resin THC-A / THC-P 4.5G Disposable | Adios Blend – Jelly Sherbet (Indica)

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Colorado Breeders Depot is proud to provide the potent Extrax Live Resin THC-A/THC-P 4.5G Disposable | Adios Blend—Jelly Sherbet (Indica) to our customers. This incredible vaporizer provides a one-of-a-kind smoking experience with its 4.5g of live resin and natural terpenes. You’ll want more of it because of the delicious sweetness of the fruit salad flavor profile. Every time you click the button, you may take pleasure in the delicious smells and easily fulfill your hunger thanks to cutting-edge engineering. What more could you want from a vape than this wonderful product from Colorado Breeders Depot, which provides all the benefits with no reduction in quality or flavor? Indulge in some self-care; you deserve it.