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Extrax Live Resin Banana

Extrax Live Resin Cartridge | 2G | Lights Out – Banana Runtz

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Introducing the Extrax Live Resin THCh + THCjd 2G Cartridge from our exclusive Lights Out Collection – Banana Runtz! At Colorado Breeders Depot, we are thrilled to present our latest vape innovation that is guaranteed to revolutionize your cannabis experience. Prepare to be blown away by the incredible potency and unbeatable flavor this cartridge has to offer.

THC-H & THC-JD Blend

Crafted with utmost precision, our Extrax Live Resin THCh + THCjd 2G Cartridge is the epitome of perfection. We have meticulously refined live resin, blended it with THC-H and THC-JD, and carefully infused natural terpenes to create a vape cartridge that delivers maximum potency and unparalleled effects. Brace yourself for an experience unlike any other.

Extrax Live Resin Banana THCh + THCjd 2G Cartridge has THC-H, a novel cannabinoid produced from hemp, setting it apart from the competition. Known to carry psychoactive properties and create euphoria, THC-H is a game-changer in the world of cannabis. Expect a powerful, mind-blowing high that will take you to another world thanks to THC-H, which is 25 times more potent than ordinary THC.

Further, we’ve included THC-JD, a potent cannabinoid with greater psychoactive effects than any other form of THC present in cannabis. Get ready to have your mind blown as THC-JD transports you to uncharted realms of ecstasy and joy.

Flavor Profile

And now, let’s discuss the nuances of the Banana Runtz cartridge’s taste. Get ready to indulge in a sugary, sweet candy flavor that will leave you wanting more. The unique taste profile includes undertones of ripe banana and a tinge of black pepper. The flavor explosion in each puff will have you reaching for more.

Why Choose Us?

Since Colorado Breeders Depot cares deeply about satisfying its consumers, no effort was spared in developing this premium vape cartridge. The Extrax Live Resin THCh + THCjd 2G Cartridge is a reflection of our dedication to quality in all of its forms. We take great effort to guarantee that you obtain the highest quality at every stage of production, from selecting the components to the final inspection.

Extrax Live Resin THCh + THCjd 2G Cartridges (Banana Runtz) is a cutting-edge vape cartridge from our Lights Out Collection. Raise the bar on your cannabis pleasure to new heights. Don’t settle for mediocrity; select the cartridge that rises above the others. Prepare to be transported to a place of unadulterated joy and pleasure upon receiving your order.