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Extrax Live Resin Cartridge 2G | Splats – Panama Red

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At Colorado Breeders Depot, we are proud to offer the Extrax Live Resin THCM + HXY9 2G Cartridge 2PK from our Splats Collection – Panama Red. We use only the finest and highly refined Live Resin distillate blend of thc-m and hxy9, fortified with added terpenes, to ensure maximum potency. Not only is the vaping experience enhanced with this blend, the flavor and aromas that this cartridge provides are something to savor.

Panama Red Blend

Our Panama Red blend is an earthy, woody, and pungent experience that will transport you to a tropical paradise. THCM, or Tetrahydrocannabinol Monomethylether, is a close cousin of the popular Delta-9 THC and provides a powerful yet pleasant high.  In addition, the 9-Hydroxy-THC cannabinoid included in this blend helps your body absorb more of the flavonoids and terpenes for an even more enjoyable experience.

The Splats Collection – Panama Red provides the ultimate discreet and disposable vaping experience. Supported by splat technology, this cartridge is available in either 1G or.2G units so you can choose what’s right for you, and with its convenient size and portability, you can bring it with you anywhere and anytime.

Try the Splats Collection – Extrax Live Resin Panama Red today and experience one of Colorado Breeders Depot’s premier live resin distillate blends!

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