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Extrax Platinum THC-P 2g Disposable – Headband
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Extrax Platinum THC-P 2g Disposable – Headband

Attention all cannabis connoisseurs! Colorado Breeders Depot just upped their game with the brand-new Headband THC-P 2g disposable by Extrax. Our Hybrid strain with a zesty lemon flavor is expertly crafted with a cannabinoid distillate and rich Terpenes that taste as amazing as it feels. Get ready to experience cerebral invigoration that will have you feeling uplifted and energized, without being too overpowering. And the best part? This device is draw-activated, so you can enjoy your cannabis indulgence without lifting a finger. Simply open the box and let the good times roll!

Product Information

  • Rechargeable
  • NOT Refillable
  • 280 mAh
  • No Light when plugged into charger = fully charged
  • White light while charging = still charging
  • Red light = needs to be charged
  • White light while in use = working/activated
  • USB Micro charger cable NOT included
  • Ingredients: Delta-8 distillate, THCP distillate, and terpenes.
  • Flavor Profile: Smooth with a creamy lemon flavor
  • Strain: Hybrid

What is THC-P and how will it make me feel?

By combining THCP with Delta-8 THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes, we’ve created a more tolerable yet still potent experience for you to enjoy.

  1. David Collins

    With the Headband THCP vape, I’m floating on clouds of relaxation. It’s a strain that lives up to its name.

  2. William Cook

    Extrax Platinum nailed it with the Headband vape. It’s a potent and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

  3. Christopher Clark

    The Headband vape from Extrax Platinum is a heady delight. It wraps me in a soothing and euphoric embrace.