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Feminized Berry Blossom CBD Seeds

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Feminized Berry Blossom CBD Seeds

Berry Blossom joins Cherry Wine as the most stable genetics on the market. She expresses one consistant phenotype and bears the stresses of a new grow room or an outdoor environment with ease. Her heavy Sativa genetics express themselves in her longer flower times and impresively high cannabinoid and terpene count. This well known variety is easy to register in every state because she is present on every department of agriculture list. These three factors make her an excelent choice for outdoor hemp farming for CBD extraction or terpene extraction. Feminized Berry Blossom CBD Seeds also produces a strikingly beautiful flower with vibrant pink hairs which stand out against the backdrop of a lime green bud. This feature makes her a valuable contender for indoor smokable grows as well. Her terpene profile is uniquely fruity and valuable to both smokers and extractors. Her Indica genes express themselves in her growth structure. She is unusually bushy and sturdy for a sativa plant and can often blend in with other indica dominant strains on the field. A farmer can easily distinguish her by her the bright pink hairs on her buds and her lengthier flowering time. While her CBD content can easily reach into the mid 25% she produces plenty of terpenes early and can be harvested early for compliance without loosing quality.

  1. Anita Harris

    So far the plant is growing nicely. We have a challenging weather environment and the plant has been grown primarily outdoors.
    I am producing it for salves and balms.

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