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Feminized Seeds – Stormy Daniels

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Stormy Daniels is a top-tier Indica-dominant strain descended from the highly effective Cherry Blossom and T1 Trump varieties. It is renowned for its high CBD content, alluring terpene profile, and impressive yield.


Smokable hemp superstar Stormy Daniels has two extraordinary ancestors: Cherry Blossom and T1 Trump. These genetic lines have a history of producing high levels of CBD. They are widely recognized as the best choice for growing high-quality hemp.

Stormy Daniels’ parent is a well-balanced hybrid called Cherry Blossom. Cherry Wine and The Wife, two CBD-rich hemp varieties, were crossed to create this hybrid. Bodhi Urban’s skill yielded the delicious and fragrant Cherry Wine, combining The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. In turn, the Wife is a product of a cross between the Spectrum and the Wife, both created by Colorado’s illustrious Foundation Seeds.

With The Wife and Afghan Skunk in its pedigree, T1 Trump is the Indica-dominant parent of Stormy Daniels. The Wife is descended from the lauded Heartwood IBL, developed by Foundation Seeds and Spectrum and Wife. T1 Trump is a potent hemp strain since it was crossed with the legendary Afghan Skunk.

Stormy Daniels Feminized Hemp Seeds

In 2018, Mile High Hemp Seeds created Stormy Daniels. Mile High Hemp Seeds used a handpicked Cherry Blossom female plant and a T1 Trump male to produce this fantastic hybrid. The offspring of this hybridization effort are healthy plants with characteristics that are an improvement above those of either parent.

Feminized seeds of the strain Stormy Daniels are available, and it has a high Indica content. Feminization assures that approximately 99.9 percent of plants developed from these seeds will be female, increasing productivity for hemp farmers and streamlining the cultivation process by removing the need to identify and remove male plants.

Qualities of Stormy Daniels


The fragrant appeal of Stormy Daniels is a direct result of its parent strains. The scent of cherry blossoms is distinctive and pleasantly sweet, with hints of cherry, berry, candy, and even freshly made cherry pie. T1 Trump’s enticing aroma combines citrus and berry notes with its signature sweet and sour flavor. Wet earth, skunk, mixed nuts, pine, diesel fuel, and citrus are some aromas that come together in Stormy Daniels’ rich terpene profiles. Breaking apart the petals reveals a broad spectrum of flavors, with some people reporting tangerine and blood orange undertones.


Stormy Daniels tastes as pleasant as its scent, with tangerine, lemon, and orange providing sweet and tart notes and pine, nuts, and wet soil providing earthy undertones. Flavorful and complex, it lingers on the tongue and provides a pleasant aftertaste. Different phenotypes of plants may produce wildly different tastes, from lemony to cherry sweet and all in between.


Stormy Daniels has a low THC and high CBD concentration, making it ideal for those looking for a relaxing experience that won’t leave them feeling stoned. Because of its calming and energizing effect on the user may be used at any time of the day. Cherry Blossom and T1 Trump, its parents, contribute to this mellow and soothing effect, making Stormy Daniels a good option for those who want the medicinal advantages of CBD without the psychoactive high.


Stormy Daniels may reach five to seven feet when grown in a garden. Hence, it is considered a medium to tall plant. Its lush leaves and thick stalks (which may reach a diameter of six inches) make it an excellent candidate for biomass production. Large, consistent colas emerge on this plant, and its serrated leaves develop attractive red, purple, and yellow colors just before harvest.


Yes, growers appreciate the adaptability of Stormy Daniels Feminized Seeds because they can be used indoors or outdoors.

Unlike conventional cannabis seeds, Stormy Daniels Feminized Seeds are guaranteed to grow nothing but healthy, productive female plants.

The average flowering time for plants grown from these seeds is eight to ten weeks.

These have a unique flavor and aroma profile, with notes of tangerine, lemon, orange, pine, nuts, and damp soil, offering a rich and complex sensory experience.

The description does not provide specific recommendations for growing conditions or techniques.

The description does not mention the availability of Stormy Daniels Feminized Seeds in various pack sizes or quantities.

Plants grown from Stormy Daniels Feminized Seeds typically have high CBD content (up to 19 percent) and a federally compliant THC value, making them non-intoxicating.

The description does not include tips or best practices for successfully germinating and cultivating these seeds.

The description does not explain whether Stormy Daniels Feminized Seeds require specialized care or nutrients during growth.

The expected yield of plants grown from these seeds must be specified in the provided description.