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Frosted Kiwi D9+THCP+HHC+D8 Vape Cart 1ML

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Frosted Kiwi D9+THCP+HHC+D8 Vape Cart 1ML

Colorado Breeders Depot is proud to introduce the latest addition to their celebrated Zen line: Frosted Kiwi 1 gram Delta 9 THC, THCP, Delta 8 THC and HHC vape cartridge. Crafted from our signature highly refined distillates blended with cannabis terpenes for a robust and flavorful experience that doesn’t skimp on potency levels – perfect for connoisseur consumers seeking an unparalleled high! This sleek ceramic 510 thread cartridge comes packaged in an attractive box; enjoy responsibly.

Approximate cannabinoid content per gram:

  1. 450 mg Delta 8 THC
  2. 400 mg HHC-O
  3. 70mg THCP-O
  4. 30 mg Delta 9 THC
  5. 50 mg Cannabis derived terpenes

How will vaping Frosted Kiwi THC cart make me feel?

Vaping cannabinoids like THC, THCP, Delta 8 and HHC together can give you a powerful high. The combination of these different cannabis vape blends can make you feel really good. But it is important to be careful when vaping, as too much may make you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable.

For those who are looking for a powerful and long-lasting high, vaping these cannabis vape blends can be an enjoyable experience. The potency of THC, THCP, Delta 8 and HHC together can give you more than just a head buzz. You may find that you experience a strong physical sensation as well.

However, it is important to remember that too much of anything can be dangerous or even deadly. Always start with a low dose when vaping cannabinoids like THC, THCP, Delta 8 and HHC together. This will help you determine what kind of high you want to achieve without risking your safety.

It is also important to remember that cannabis use affects everyone differently. As such, it is best to start slow and increase your dose slowly over time. This will help you to understand how each of these cannabis vape blends affects you, so that you can find the right balance for the high that works best for you.

Overall, vaping cannabinoids like THC, THCP, Delta 8 and HHC together can be a powerful experience. But if done safely and responsibly, it can also be an enjoyable one. With careful consideration and dosing, these cannabis vape blends can lead to an intense high that is sure to please any connoisseur. So just remember: start low, go slow – and enjoy every puff!

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