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Full Spectrum Delta 8 Concentrate


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Full Spectrum Delta 8 Concentrate

Good Night Glob Batter is our newest Full Spectrum Delta 8 Concentrate, and it’s a truly unique product. It’s a proprietary blend of cannabinoids that includes Delta 8 THC mixed with full spectrum CBD, CBG, CBN, and a wide variety of terpenes. The result is a powerful concentrate that has long-lasting effects and an amazing flavor profile. The terpenes are derived from cannabis, and they give Good Night Glob a distinct taste and smell that is sure to make your mouth water. This product is ideal for dabbing, and it’s the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of Delta 8 THC. So if you’re looking for a potent and long-lasting concentrate, Full Spectrum Delta 8 Concentrate is the perfect choice. try it today!
Good Night Glob Batter is a cannabis concentrate that has this generally whipped consistency that looks a bit like cake batter or thick frosting. Much like budder, batter is usually classified as a cannabis wax, but batter is going to be much stickier and thicker than budder. The concentrate most often boasts this telltale “blonde” color, which can range in hue from lighter blonde to deep gold. Batter is great for those looking for long lasting effects as it takes a bit longer to fully kick in, but once it does, the effects are very potent and will last for hours on end. So if you’re in need of some serious relief or just want to relax and unwind for a long period of time, look no further than Good Night Glob!

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