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Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil Tincture for Pets 1000MG
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Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil Tincture for Pets

Colorado Breeder’s Depot has a special treat for our furry friends with their new Devine Wellness line! For the first time ever, pets can now get in on some of that sweet CBD action. The 1000 MG Full Spectrum Pet Tincture is like liquid gold infused with Alaskan Salmon Oil – it truly doesn’t get much better than this.

  1. Matthew Diaz

    This organic hemp oil is a blessing for my pet’s joint pain. They’re back to their playful self.

  2. William Evans

    Happy pet, happy life! This hemp oil is a must-have for my furry companion.

  3. Alexander Davis

    My fur baby loves this hemp oil! It keeps them calm during thunderstorms.

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