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Delta 8 or D8 Premium Hemp Flower

The latest big revelation in cannabis hemp culture is D8, or Delta-8Tetrahydrocannabinol. This minor cannabinoid has recently made massive waves in how people legally consume hemp products. Less psychoactive than federally regulated Delta-9 THC, but more-so than something like CBD hemp flower, we create D8 by converting major cannabinoids through chemical processes in our OSHA-certified clean-practice lab.

Effects of Delta 8 Flower

The effects of Delta-8 have been described as a much lighter, less intoxicating version of what THC can do. Reports of mild euphoria, uplifted mood, minor reduction in aches and pains as well as insomnia symptoms.

Delta 8 is Federal Law Compliant and Legal in All 50 States

Hemp users can rejoice, as this compound is entirely federally legal. This product does not appear as THC in any sort of drug test. A cannabinoid that acts like THC’s quieter little brother, not known to cause anxiety or panic attacks the way that THC can in some people and legal to possess and use!

This is due to its presence in standard hemp flower in lower percentages which are often imperceptible and merely add to the entourage effect. Thanks to the 2018 Federal Farm Bill, any cannabinoid found in THC-free hemp is legal to cultivate and use.

Colorado Breeders Depot Cultivation of Delta 8

At Colorado Breeders Depot, our cultivation of D8 consists of a conversion program that alters cannabinoid compounds (usually CBD) using proven synthesis methods, resulting in clean and unadulterated Delta-8. We spray this over our CBG hemp flower, using thin application layers to perverse the texture and color of the natural hemp buds. In this spray we also combine natural cannabis terpenes and fruit oils which are design to mimic popular cannabis strains.

This is how we can offer our 10 ‘flavors’ of a single strain. While the D8 oil dries on the flower, we dust it in CBD kief, adding yet another ingredient to the ‘entourage effect’ that makes cannabis so multipurpose and effective.

Ordering D8 Retail or Wholesale

We offer single ounce quantities for $99 with a single flavor option. With bulk orders, simply request the different flavors you’d like your order split into in the “special notes” field during checkout. Our designer hemp raises the bar for what D8 flower can be. For anyone who turns towards hemp flower due to inability to consume THC, this is our flagship product, designed specifically for you! Try it, you won’t be disappointed.


What is Delta-8 Enriched Hemp Flower?

Delta-8 THC is a naturally occurring compound found in tiny amounts in most smokable hemp flower. Molecularly close to its federally-illegal sibling, Delta-9 THC, cannabis culture has latched onto the advantages of using Delta-8 over the last couple of years. Delta-8, or D8 for short, is much less intoxicatingly psychoactive than Delta-9 THC and is therefore a much cleaner product for consumers.

Because D8 is derived in such small quantities, there isn’t a naturally occuring strain that yields a noticeable percentage of this cannabinoid. This means all D8 at a retail level is made through converting readily available cannabinoids using various heating and chemical processes.
Colorado Breeders Depot creates a Caviar-esque product, layering organically-treated Sour CBG hemp flower with a lab-made Delta-8 spray that infuses terpenes for taste and effect. This sprayed down flower then gets an extra cannabinoid boost by getting dipped in CBD kief, creating a gorgeously potent smokable product.

What does Designer Hemp feel like?

Since D8 is much less psychoactive, you won’t feel inebriated or overloaded with a stoned sensation. Many people consider D8 to feel like a clean wave of relaxation and symptom relief for aching muscles and joints, upset stomachs, period cramps, stress and anxiety. Because there isn’t any THC in this, the chances of paranoia and panic that follow smoking marijuana are almost completely removed. The CBG, D8 and CBD trifecta cause the cannabis entourage effect to become optimized for synergetic hemp flower benefits. Pain-melting, stress-evaporating and clean.

What makes your Delta-8 Flower better than other companies?

We are confident that our D8 bud is better than the entirety of the market. We use GMP-certified laboratory processes to convert our cannabinoids cleanly. We refine and enrich the flower slowly, carefully soaking the flower without affecting the color or allowing for oxidization to occur.

The industry standard D8 ratio is about 20-30 grams of Delta-8 concentrate per every pound of flower. We use 60. This ensures that the Delta-8 is the standout component and making your dollars go further for you.

Our Designer Hemp smokes clean and smoothly. It ashes white and doesn’t burn black. Taking the time to perfect a process creates an optimal product. The CBD kief dip around the final product means it burns slowly and evenly. Our terpene-infusion process allows for customer selection and different effects based on individual strains’ terpene content.

How do you get different flavors?

Our terpene enrichment of the lab-crafted Delta-8 spray consists of infusing natural fruit terpenes with isolated cannabis terpenes to mimic 10 wildly popular cannabis strains, from Strawberry Cough to Green Crack. This causes the base Sour CBG to take on the taste of this familiar terpene profiles without using anything artificial or unnatural.

Is Designer Hemp legal for me?

D8 is federally unscheduled and legal across the country. But some states have begun to add Delta-8 products to their controlled substances list, effectively banning them; we highly recommend you research your city and state laws about Delta-8 to ensure compliance with local regulations.  But at the federal level, it is completely legal in all 50 states.

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