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What does indoor hemp flower mean?


Indoor hemp flower is grown using our compact grow room facilities, with heavily controlled light schedules, nutrient-rich substrate and humidity, CO2, airflow control all down to an exact science. We taste a leaf from each strain daily to check for nutrient deficiencies.  Our team works tirelessly to create optimal environments to keep our plants growing happily.

Our indoor flower falls under the “craft cannabis” category because each room yields a maximum of 100lbs. These strains are our boutique plants, and we interact with them with white-glove touch and care. Every single step of the grow process is exacted down to a science for each individual strain’s needs.

Indoor flower genetics can be a bit less stable which means the plants can stress easily. To avoid this, we are in the warehouse every single day for hours on end making sure everything is running perfectly. None of our hemp plants are grown using herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We only use natural essential oils on our indoor plants, which means creating a subpar environment is simply not an option.

Everything that goes into our indoor flower is worth it when harvesting stellar CBD flower that looks like it could win “best in show”.

What is the difference between indoor and greenhouse strains?

The difference between these two distinctions really does boil down to the location in which they were grown. Some of our greenhouse buds have more CBD in them than some indoor strains, and vice versa. Our indoor strains grow in smaller batches and in smaller spaces, which makes their nugs potentially smaller at times. But the spacing we afford our indoor plants allows their terpenes to fully develop.

We harvest our indoor flowers right when the trichomes are half-amber and half-translucent white. This gives the flower the most complex and mature terpene profile without losing smell or taste to time or overdevelopment.

There is a clear difference between the growth process between indoor and greenhouse flower, but both distinctions create gorgeous CBD flower that exemplifies connoisseur hemp flower’s potential. Indoor flower just so happens to be our ‘babies’ so to speak, meaning they demand more resources and attention.

What are the benefits of consuming indoor CBD hemp flower?

The list of potential benefits from CBD hemp flower continues to grow every year.

The non-exhaustive list of possible positive effects include PTSD symptom reduction, inflammation reduction, lessening pain from cramps and Crohn’s disease, uterine pain, appetite stimulation, anxiety reduction, better sleep, arthritis symptom reduction, and quelling symptoms of glaucoma.

This is not a list of proven medical benefits, but research-driven and anecdotal examples of the ever-growing series of positives that using hemp flower can yield.

Why does your indoor flower cost more?

Our indoor buds cost more because we spend much more time with them and utilize more resources to ensure they are grown correctly. The most expensive difference in these resources is lighting— we spend over $20,000 a month on lighting alone. Our greenhouse flower doesn’t need these expenses because the sun is cost-free and works fantastically for those strains’ photoperiod requirements.

We also utilize CO2 mitigation and monitoring to ensure proper soil oxygenation and aeration. We use perfected hydration tools and humidity monitors which ensure the picky genetics of our indoor strains meet their exact requirements without fail.

More hands per plant than our greenhouse flower coupled with the expenses that go into our indoor buds means this premium product’s price reflects the expert care that goes into producing it.

Why can’t you grow these strains outdoors?


We wish that were possible! The strains we grow with indoor grow rooms are what we call “diva” strains. These genetics are extremely particular and even the slightest deviation can result in a plant that goes into ‘panic mode’ and no longer produces optimal flower, instead producing pollen sacs and potentially turning every plant hermaphroditic.

If there is one error in their specific, fine-tuned lighting schedules, the plant fails. If there is a deficiency in soil nutrients or improper oxygen and carbon dioxide, the plant fails.

With this in mind, only the most controlled of spaces can produce the flower we seek to sell to you. A greenhouse setting is just not exact enough with light presence and oxygenation. While we love our ‘diva’ plants, they absolutely require extreme precision to create the absolute best product possible.

Is indoor hemp flower stronger than flower grown in greenhouses?

As far as potency goes, our indoor flower is not leagues above anything grown in the greenhouse. Our smokable hemp is much more potent than industrial hemp which does not prioritize cannabinoids. But between our two distinct hemp flower categories for smoking, it is all strain dependent.

For example, our Sunset Sherbet is currently testing at around 11% CBD+CBDA while our greenhouse-grown Sour Diesel tests at almost 14%. The terpenes and general aesthetic of the Sunrise Sherbet, however, is something incredibly unique and something that taste-hunters seek out when it comes to connoisseur genetics.

So while our indoor flower isn’t necessarily stronger, it can be funkier, more unique, and harder to grow.

How do I see the potency of your indoor hemp flower?

Clicking through any strain on this page will bring you to that strain’s gallery, complete with a recent laboratory Compliance Report which lists all tested cannabinoid content for every strain we offer.

We offer strain details, characteristics, and even hi-res images of our most recent harvests. For any other questions about cannabinoid or terpene content, you can contact us here.

What’s the benefit to buying indoor compared to outdoor?

Buying indoor compared to outdoor only comes down to preference. For those that seek out incredible flavor profiles and gorgeously hand-manicured buds, indoor is the way to go. For those looking for their dollars to go a bit further, or perhaps wanting natural light-fed, nutrient-rich buds that grow bigger in the sun, then the greenhouse is for you.

Hemp consumers often want the epitome of artisan CBD flower, and our indoor strains are what we consider our highest quality hemp bud.

We offer fantastic variety packs containing a multitude of ounce-sized samples for those looking to experience greenhouse bud versus indoors. You simply don’t know until you try!

How is hemp flower different from strain to strain?

Our indoor strains contain unique terpene profiles and all of them stand out from one another. Terpene hunters can rejoice knowing they have found the loudest, most aromatic CBD nugs possible. Since terpenes and resin oils can contribute to the effect the hemp flower has on a user, finding which smells and tastes work best in your body can be a helpful way to make sure every purchase is ideal for you.

Different hemp strains contain different cannabinoid profiles and different terpenes. One strain can be higher in CBN than another, smelling musky and skunky, while another can have lower CBD content and balance itself with a lemony aftertaste because of its terpenes.

We post all of our COAs beside different strains so you can choose the strain that might be best for you, and we will soon be posting terpene profiles as well. Finding the terps and cannabinoids that work for your needs takes a bit of sampling, but we are here to help pick the strain(s) which work best with your body and experiences.

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