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Baba THCP 500 MG 5ct Gummies (100mg per Gummy) – Grapefruit

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Are you ready for a whole new world? You needn’t look further than the brand new Baba THCP 500 MG 5ct Gummies (100mg each Gummy) – Grapefruit from Colorado Breeders Depot! Our gummies have the highest concentration of THCP distillate possible and taste amazing. There are five 100mg candies in a pack, for a grand total of 500mg of THCP.

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP) is up to 30 times more powerful than standard THC (Delta 9). Now, you may enjoy all of these advantages while snacking on something that tastes just like a fresh grapefruit. Indulge in this tantalizing blend on your own or with companions; either way, you’ll get the full effect with every mouthful.

Colorado Breeders Depot is pleased to offer you this new and exciting product: Baba THCP 500 MG 5ct Gummies (100mg each Gummy) – Grapefruit. Invest in your new obsession right now and prepare for an unforgettable experience!

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