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Baba HHCP 500 MG 5ct Gummies (100mg per Gummy) – Guava

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Calling all cannabis connoisseurs! Colorado Breeders Depot is buzzing with excitement to introduce our latest gummy from BABA: Guava Baba HHCP 500 MG 5ct Gummies. At 100mg per gummy, your taste buds will enjoy the sweet and tart combination of guava while your body will love the effects of HHCP, the hydrogenated form of HHC. HHCP is thought to offer stronger binding to cannabinoid receptors in the brain, many claiming its potency is similar to Delta-9 THC but with much less potential for paranoia and anxiousness. Enjoy the fast-acting, hard-hitting effects of HHCP with the added bonus of a flavorful guava kick. Let each pack of five gummies bring a delicious dose of 500mg HHCP for a unique and memorable experience. We know you won’t regret trying Guava Baba HHCP 500 MG 5ct Gummies from Colorado Breeders Depot!

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