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$299 January Indoor Mega Pack

(6 customer reviews)


  • 2 OZ Pre 98 Bubba Kush
  • 2 OZ Sunset Sherbert
  • 2 OZ Colorado Kush
  • 5 Caviar Pre-Rolls
  • 5 Grams CBD Kief

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$299 Indoor Mega Pack

Wow, have we got a deal for you! This Mega Pack includes 6 ounces of our amazing Indoor Organic CBD flower, 5 grams of fresh indoor CBD Kief crystals and 5 delicious caviar pre-rolls made with our fresh indoor flower,  our famous full melt bubble hash and CBD/CBG kief all rolled up in to 1!  It’s the perfect way to stock up on all your favorite CBD products. Our flowers are grown in climate-controlled cultivation rooms and are hand-manicured for the highest quality possible. Plus, at 30 days cured, they’re ready to enjoy right when you receive them. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer!

  1. John Nguyen

    This is a great deal. The bud is very good, the pre-rolls are excellent and I love having some extra kief to sprinkle on my flower.

  2. Joseph Hill

    I recommend this to anyone who appreciates top shelf flowers. The delivery is very fast and the customer service is excellent. What else can you ask for?

  3. Aiden Torres

    I was so happy when I saw my order arrive in 2 days. All 3 varieties where absolutely beautiful. I will definitely order this again.

  4. Asher Jimenez

    These indoor flowers are superb quality. This is some of the best CBD I have ever seen. Each bud is trimmed beautifully and packed with crystals. The flavors are delicious and I get a great medicinal feeling from it too.

  5. gralion torile

    Glad to be one of the visitants on this amazing site : D.

  6. Jacob Foster

    My wife and I were blown away by the quality of the buds. Each strain is really delicious. The caviar pre-rolls are very strong and we really like the kief for our nightime smoke. This was an overall great experience.

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