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Kiwi Melon CBD Gummies 1500MG (THC Free) – 50MG/Gummy

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Kiwi Melon CBD Gummies 1500MG (THC Free) – 50MG/Gummy

Experience an exceptional combination of two of the most beloved superfoods with the new kiwi-melon CBD gummies from Colorado Breeders Depot. Our Devine Wellness line features 1500 mg of CBD with 0% THC, so you can enjoy 30 gummies packed with 50 MG of pure CBD in each piece without any unwanted side effects. Our delicious and potent gummies have been created to help you on your wellness journey, incorporating a blend of kiwi and melon flavors to provide you with an all-natural and flavorful experience. Made using only highest quality distillates and isolates, our kiwi-melon assortment offers the perfect way to enjoy both flavor and function.

At Colorado Breeders Depot, we’re devoted to bringing you the highest quality hemp products that nurture both your body and mind. Our fearless mission is providing amazing CBD products that empower our customers to live their best life possible. Here’s your chance to sample our newest offering – try these gummies today!

  1. David Roberts

    The THC-free CBD gummies are my guilt-free pleasure. They melt away stress and taste amazing.

  2. Benjamin Rivera

    These CBD gummies are a juicy delight. Kiwi melon flavor takes me to a tropical paradise.

  3. Ethan Rogers

    Kiwi melon CBD gummies are the perfect blend of fruity goodness and relaxation. Can’t get enough!

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