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Night Time Tincture

5000 MG Night Time Unflavored Full Spectrum Tincture

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Are you prepared to have the most relaxing night of your life? Check out the 5000 MG Night Time Unflavored Full Spectrum Tincture, the newest addition to Colorado Breeders Depot’s tincture collection. For all your nighttime requirements, this fantastic product has been expertly crafted to provide you with optimum potency.

The unique combination of our meticulously selected distillates is what makes this tincture stand out.


We will now discuss H4 CBD. We have synthesized a molecule with a far stronger affinity for the CB1 neuroreceptors in your brain by changing the carbon-carbon double bonds in the limonene component of CBD to single bonds by adding four hydrogen atoms. What this implies is that, compared to other CBD products, our 5000 MG Night Time Unflavored Full Spectrum Tincture packs a far stronger impact.

Please take it easy at first and experiment with different doses until you discover the one that works best for you; we want you to use our products responsibly. If you have any questions or concerns, it’s best to talk to a doctor.

Night Time Unflavored Full Spectrum Tincture, 5000 MG, is just one more example of the top-notch items we strive to provide here at Colorado Breeders Depot. We’ve gone to tremendous lengths to ensure that our tincture’s promise of calm and relaxation is fulfilled by using only the highest quality components.

Get Quality Sleep

You need not seek any further if you are weary of fidgeting and want a deep, revitalizing slumber. Wake up every morning feeling revitalized and ready to take on the world—that’s how powerful our strong combination is.

A bottle of the 5000 MG Night Time Unflavored Full Spectrum Tincture may be yours now, so you can experience the wonder of a very restful night’s sleep. Treat yourself; you’re worth it.

One more mouthwatering option among Colorado Breeders Depot’s many high-quality cannabis products is the Lava Cake THC-P indoor flower. The effects of eating Lava Cake are as famous as its flavor. The soothing aroma of freshly made bread and other baked goods enhances the experience. You may find that our THC-P distillate, which shares the strain’s sedative characteristics, is a good fit for your current health and wellness routine.

A Glimpse into the Strain’s Beauty

This strain develops a compact bulb shape with deep purple and green colors accentuated by the abundance of crystalline trichomes. Our Lava Cake THC-P flower is as visually appealing as potent.

The Importance of Quality and Compliance

Regarding quality and regulation, Colorado Breeders Depot will not compromise. Careful attention to detail throughout production guarantees the consistency and reliability of our Lava Cake THC-P indoor flower. We’re serious about keeping you and the law safe, so we strictly adhere to all applicable cannabis legislation and standards.

Terpene Caryophyllene: The Principal One

Lava Cake’s principal terpene, caryophyllene, has a multi-note aroma that fuses woodsy, earthy, and spicy undertones. It amplifies the therapeutic benefits of the strain as a whole.

Terpenes: A Symphonic Symphony

Not only does caryophyllene contribute to the aroma and flavor of lava cake, but so do numerous other terpenes. An ideal complement to this tasty strain, myrcene offers soothing herbal overtones. The humulene’s hoppier scent complements the other ingredients well, resulting in a well-rounded and enjoyable end result.

FAQs CBG Hemp Tincture and CBD Hemp Tincture

ColoradoBreedersDepot Tinctures 1

A tincture is any animal or plant material (in this case, hemp) that is extracted through soaking in either alcohol or vinegar— we use alcohol. The liquid pulls any active ingredients out of a given organic biomass and concentrates them. The practice of making tinctures has been going on for thousands of years.

We soak hemp material including leaves and buds in alcohol and allow all the extracted cannabinoids to soak it up and become an incredibly potent liquid, rich with CBD, CBG and CBN.

Then, we add natural essential fruit oils and other natural flavorings to make the tincture taste delicious.

Using tinctures offers a unique consumption option that isn’t really available for other forms of hemp or hemp extracts: sublingually. This means that the alcohol-based concentrated and activated cannabinoids can be absorbed beneath your tongue.

Applying tinctures this way, as opposed to swallowing the liquid or using the provided dropper to mix into food or liquid, means it can have quicker effects via the mucous membranes in the mouth. Bypassing ‘first-pass’ absorption in the liver means more extract and cannabinoids get into the blood stream quicker.

Both tincture formulas come with a specially designed, dose-measured spray cap that makes consuming as simple as possible.

By spraying under the tongue, or just directly into your mouth, there is no worry about having to count drops from a dropper or fight with the end of the bottle to squeeze remaining tincture into a dropper. Every single spray is measured to be one serving size of our tincture.

Our CBD/CBN tinctures can be swallowed like any other liquid, but this will take just a little longer for effects to begin to feel noticeable.

ColoradoBreedersDepot Tinctures 2

We currently offer 4 different flavorings based on popular cocktails: Margarita, Pina Colada, Miami Vice, and Screwdriver.

We won’t say that the tincture tastes better than regular non-tinctured cocktails, but we will say that creating flavors inside the alcohol extract is something many companies choose not to do.

Because some people don’t enjoy the tincture in its unflavored form, the decision to use widely known cocktails as the basis for flavor because there is the lingering aroma and taste of the alcohol used in the extraction process. We love the tastes.

Margarita has that sour-mix, limey snap of flavor which pairs well with the potential bitter sweetness of the alcohol base. While we don’t line the rims of our tincture bottles with salt, we don’t necessarily think that would be a horrible idea.

Pina Colada is of course akin to the coconut and pineapple flavor profile of the extremely popular tropical paradise cocktail. All that’s missing is a tiny umbrella and a sunny beach view.

Miami Vice blends the flavor of a strawberry daiquiri and the coconut-forward pina colada cocktail. Just like the cocktail of the same name, this flavored tincture will blend seamlessly into any drink of your choice or whisk you away briefly to a South Beach paradise while holding it under your tongue.

Screwdriver brings essential oils from oranges to bless our tincture with a citrus-heavy blast that seamlessly makes any remaining alcohol taste feel as though it’s purely complimentary.

CBD, CBG and CBN have been shown in scientific studies to reduce inflammation, induce mood-boosting chemicals in the brain, dull nerve signals for pain, reduce nausea and cramping, increases appetite and production of certain neurotransmitters that communicate a sense of relaxation.

If you have any questions about whether our tinctures are right for you, we are more than happy to help!

The Focus CBD/CBG tincture has no added flavoring, so there’s no fruity taste or any sort of choice to make.

This means it might not taste as delicious as the Ultra tincture, but we take steps to prevent it from being as bitter as completely natural tinctures. This includes refining the extract and then reintroducing additional cannabis terpenes and cannabinoid isolates into the THC-free hemp extract, leaving a general cannabis taste in your mouth akin to what it feels like eating a ‘special brownie’. Detectable and pleasant without being incredibly bitter or overbearing.

Between the Ultra CBD tincture and the Focus CBG tincture, there are several major differences.

Our Focus tincture contains 0% THC, meaning it is technically an ‘enhanced broad spectrum’ tincture. This term means we use most of the plant parts and all of the cannabinoids which synergize together with the removal of one or several cannabinoids— in this case, THC is completely eliminated from the tincture.

Enhanced means that on top of the natural plant extract, we also introduce additional cannabinoid isolates like CBD and CBG to bring up the potency substantially.

The Ultra tincture is enhanced full spectrum which means the full plant and all cannabinoids are included in the tincture, including THC which is kept at a maximum of 0.3% to stay within regulation guidelines.

Another difference is that our Focus tincture contains no additional flavoring or taste additives, so you will taste a mild, gentle, pure cannabis flavor. Our Ultra line has four flavor options, each of them a fruity blend of natural flavorings and essential oils.

The last difference is the cannabinoid content.

Ultra CBD contains 2500mg full-spec CBD, 300mg CBG and 200mg CBN. This super-potent ratio makes it great for winding down, treating inflammation, and for those who suffer from chronic joint issues.

Focus contains 1200mg CBD, 600mg CBG and 200mg CBN. The high CBG content makes for a more uplifting, focus-worthy effect that’s awesome for work and play alike.

ColoradoBreedersDepot Tinctures 3

From production to taste to administration, we take every step to make the best possible tincture. All of our tinctures are made with slow-cured flower, removing excess chlorophyll and lipids and waxes.

We then begin the extraction process and use every part of the plant for our Ultra CBD tincture. For our Focus CBD tincture, we remove all THC present.

We then refine the extract over and over, including a winterizing process which continues to remove any non-essential plant material like chlorophyll and fats. This dedication to the purest, tastiest tincture is not shared among every single hemp company producing in-house tinctures.

After the refining process removes much of the bitter taste from the tincture, we infuse our Ultra line with natural flavorings and organic essential oils.

We want you to continue to use it because it works, but also because it’s honestly delicious. The unflavored, mild cannabis taste of our Focus line is a world beyond most highly bitter, poorly refined tinctures.

We are certain you can find more potent isolate-based tinctures, but very few that use the whole plant and blend in all the minor cannabinoids that make up a full or broad-spectrum extract.

Focus CBD smells faintly of cannabis, a familiar hemp smell with no discernable terpene profile. Light and breezy, not bitter or overpowering. It won’t fill a room when you spray some into the air.

The Ultra CBD line’s four distinct flavors are all combinations of a light cannabis background with fruit-forward bodies of fragrance.

Margarita smells a little limey, a little sour citrusy.
Pina Colada smells like coconut and pineapple
Miami Vice smells a little like strawberries and coconut.
Screwdriver smells just like orange zest mixed with minor hemp notes.

There’s a growing list of potential benefits our customers experience, including a mood-lift and a reduction in pain sensation. CBN has been shown in studies to dull certain pain-based nerve signals to the brain, while CBD has proven to reduce internal inflammation quite a bit.

People use our Ultra CBD to relax, as it’s so strong it really does wonders at the end of the day. They also get left with a nice, fruity aftertaste that makes continuous use something to look forward to.

Our Focus tincture is more often used throughout the workday while people deal with minor muscle or joint aches or look for a slight mood boost thanks to a higher concentration of CBG.

Administering our tincture spray sublingually (under the tongue), you can begin to feel effects in about fifteen minutes. By swallowing the spray or mixing it into food or drinks, the average absorption time bumps up to between 30 minutes to an hour depending on your metabolism and tolerance.

We have found that absorption time is a tiny bit quicker when tincture is consumed on an emptier stomach but taking some after a meal doesn’t reduce potency— only metabolism time.

Quite the opposite! Smoking hemp flower can definitely leave what some people feel is an unpleasant aftertaste.

Our Focus tinctures, thanks to an intensive refining process, barely leaving a lingering cannabis taste in your mouth. It definitely won’t be something that someone close to you would identify or notice.

And our Ultra CBD tinctures will leave an aftertaste of fruity goodness thanks to all the essential fruit oils and natural flavorings that we add! We think you could use this instead of gum if you’re just looking for a quick spritz of fresh for your breath!

You can, but it won’t have any effect and will simply waste the product. For something that can be applied to skin, check out our CBD Roll-on Relief gel!

These tinctures are meant only for oral use. If you want to spritz a couple sprays into a drink, that works fine! But applying it to skin, or cuts, or eyes, or any other orifice will serve no beneficial purpose.

Thankfully, there have been no studies that demonstrate a toxicity level with hemp cannabinoids. You could drink a whole bottle and it won’t hit a point in which it becomes toxic. There is no ‘too much’. Some customers continuously take sprays of our tinctures throughout their day with no issues whatsoever.

With that said, you should find your tolerance and your dosing needs by starting at the bottom and working your way up. Taking more than your body is used to, or an excessive amount, can result in being extremely tired, relaxed, potentially a bit dizzy or hazy-brained.

Too much of any good thing is still too much so while it isn’t fatal or anything, you’ll be better served by adding an extra couple sprays.