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Baba THCP 500 MG 5ct Gummies (100mg per Gummy) – Peach
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This is the future of cannabis pleasure: Here at Colorado Breeders Depot, we have the Baba THCP 500 MG 5ct Gummies (100mg each Gummy) in Peach for you to enjoy.

Baba is one of the most potent cannabis experiences available, and it’s all because of its exquisitely pure THCP distillate. Fresh peach flavor combined with 500 mg of THCP per box makes for an enticing combination. Get the precise amount you need with our 5–100mg per gummy recipe.

Baba THCP 500 MG 5ct Gummies, Peach, will change your feelings about THCP’s muscle-relaxing benefits. Try the strongest gummies out there now and become part of the revolution! Get fantastic comfort with a tasty flavor at Colorado Breeders Depot.

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