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Peaches and Dreams Focus Blend Mushroom Gummies 1000MG

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Peaches and Dreams Focus Blend Mushroom Gummies 1000MG

Colorado Breeders Depot is excited to introduce the newest edition in its Zen line: Focus Blend Mushroom Microdoses. Powered by a unique combination of Lion’s Mane, Turkey’s Tail and Reishi mushrooms paired with cocoa bean extract, this special blend provides an energizing boost while improving focus and creativity. An individual gummy contains 100 MG of our sophisticated mushroom mixture for maximum effectiveness – all served up in the delightful Peaches & Dreams flavor! The ideal choice when striving for better productivity or extra concentration on test day!

How will Focus Mushroom Microdoses make me feel and how does it work?

The potential for health benefits from microdosing with mushrooms has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years. With the rise of cases of autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety, people are looking for alternative treatments that offer natural and safe remedies to these ailments. Microdosing with mushrooms is one way to do this.

Microdosing is the practice of taking small doses of psychedelic substances such as psilocybin (the active ingredient in ‘magic’ mushrooms), lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) or mescaline to improve mental health without experiencing the full effects of a high dose. This allows users to benefit from the therapeutic components while avoiding the potentially overwhelming effects of consuming larger amounts.

There are several different types of mushrooms that have long been used by various cultures around the world for medicinal purposes. Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) is commonly taken as a tea or powder and contains compounds with anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and anti-cancer properties which are believed to act synergistically in promoting better cognitive functioning. Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is known to help reduce inflammation and boost metabolism while Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) can help boost immunity by stimulating white blood cell production and providing antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress in the body. Both Reishi and Turkey Tail are usually consumed as dried powders or extracts which can be added to food or beverages.

Cacao bean extract is also gaining popularity among microdosers due to its ability to modulate serotonin levels in the brain, giving it an antidepressant effect which also reduces stress and improves moods. Furthermore, studies have found that cacao extract may also help reduce inflammation and improve cognitive function bi increasing blood flow to the brain.

In summary, microdosing with mushrooms is believed to offer numerous health benefits including increased cognitive functioning, improved moods, reduced inflammation and improved immunity – all without experiencing any mind-altering side effects associated with higher doses of psychedelics like LSD or psilocybin. So if you’re looking for a safe alternative remedy that may be able to provide some relief from your ailments then microdosing with mushrooms could be worth considering!

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