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Delta 8 White Runtz Strain

  • Genetics – Hybrid
  • Lineage – Gelato X Zkittlez
  • THC to CBD Ration – .03% – 21% D8
  • Smell and Flavor – Candy Sweetness with subtle Creamy undertones
  • Effects – Uplifting, Euphoric

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The fragrance of White Runtz Strain is just as enticing as its appearance, with a blend of earthy citrus and a perfume of fresh, sweet fruits.

White Runtz Strain by Colorado Breeders Depot

We at Colorado Breeders Depot are please to ship premium goods to cannabis consumers all across the country. White rust is stunning to look at. Its massive spade-shaped blossoms glow with a forest green color that belies their strength. Reddish-orange hairs, both long and fine, wind their way through the lush vegetation, adding to its beauty. Tiny white crystal trichomes cover the whole bud and sparkle like diamonds in the light.

The finest of both the indica and sativa worlds may be found in this hybrid strain.

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