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Purple Mendocino Flower

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14.04% CBD (CBD+CBDA)
15.70% Total Cannabinoids

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Purple Mendocino Flower

This greenhouse Purple Mendocino Flower,  a smokabe hemp flower which many consider their preferred CBD flower, is greenhouse grown in Mendicino County, California. This strain has cbd budd which maintain their purple hues throughout the curing process. This premium hemp flower has hints of cinnamon–which will leave your tounge tingling!  Reach out to us at Colorado Breeders Depot with any questions about the best hemp flower available in the market today!

  1. Marty French

    Thank you for offering Purple Mendocino, great nose, and sticky bud.

  2. Eric Hoffman

    The Purple Mendocino hit the spot! Fire color and gassy seems like the growers know how to grow a flower.

  3. Charles Krauss

    Ordered Purple Mendocino last week! I found your products to be in my budget and packaging was great.

  4. Ryan

    Tried some prerolled today. The above reviews are accurate. This is some good stuff.

  5. yourconquerryz

    Great looking, smelling and tasting hemp flower. Colors are nice. Nicely trimmed. Defiantly feel a sense of calm take hold a few minutes after a puff. The after smell is nice too. Some flower doesn’t smell good after it’s burnt. This does.

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