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Indoor THCP Cannabis Flowers – Monthly Silver Membership

$79.99 / month

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Indoor THCP Cannabis Flowers – Monthly Silver Membership

We are excited to introduce our THCP CBD Hemp Flowers – Monthly Silver Membership program! Here at Colorado Breeders Depot, we are focused on the highest quality while still offering a great price for our loyal clients. Our monthly membership program is our way to make that happen! For just $79/month, you will receive 1 ounce of our newest THCP CBD Hemp Flowers, 20% off our entire website, free shipping on orders over $69, access to members only flower, and access to exclusive deals and promotions. Plus, as a thank you for signing up. This is a great way to get the best of both worlds – high quality at a great value. Sign up today and start enjoying the benefits of being a member.

Our award-winning indoor THCP CBD Hemp Flowers are cultivated with love and care in our climate-controlled grow rooms. We use organic methods and living soil to ensure that our plants are healthy and vibrant. Our flowers are then hand-harvested and slow-dried to preserve their terpene content. This means that they will have enhanced flavors and smells that are simply unbeatable. Finally, our flowers are 30-day slow-cured to fine-tune the moisture content and allow for the decay of sugars and chlorophyll. This process results in a final product that is incredibly smooth, flavorful, and potent. Come experience the difference for yourself!  You won’t be disappointed!

Great tasting buds that are smooth to smoke and very potent are what our customers can expect when they order from us. Our Cryogenic infusion process allows us to infuse the flower in the desired oil rather than spray the outside of the flower like most. This process produces 2 major benefits: 1. Because we infuse our oil into the flower rather than spray the outside, we are able to get 125 gm of THCP oil per pound compared to the industry standard of 30-40 gm per pound. 2. Our cold infusion process preserves the terpenes and trichomes of the flower keeping them potent and vibrant, as opposed to sprayed flower that will usually turn dark through oxygenation. This means that our customers can expect great tasting, smooth smoking, and very potent buds when they order from us. So why not try out our products today and see for yourself?  Sign up today and start enjoying the benefits of being a member!