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HHC Gummies – Strawberries

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HHC Gummies – Strawberries

Introducing our all-new Strawberry HHC gummies!

This exciting new flavor release is sure to please, with its sweet, succulent strawberry taste. Our vegan-formulated HHC blends are perfect for those looking for a potent cannabinoid experience. With 10 pieces per jar, each containing 25 mg of HHC, this product provides a total of 250 mg per jar.

HHC induces effects similar to THC and has comparable potency. It also has a much longer shelf-life than THC, making it the perfect choice for those who want long-lasting effects.

So if you’re looking for an exciting new way to enjoy cannabis, be sure to try our delicious strawberry HHC Gummies!

  1. Jayden Hughes

    I took advantage of the BOGO sale it was such a good deal. I figured for the price I might as well try some new products and WOW these HHC gummies are so amazing! I will definitely order these again.

  2. Isaac Ruiz

    Very pleased with my order. It arrived quickly and the gummies are fantastic! This was a great experience.

  3. Gabriel Gray

    Great product. These gummies taste so delicious I truly enjoy eating them. The HHC makes my body and mind feel so good. Very happy with the quality of these gummies.

  4. Carter Mendoza

    These strawberries HHC are my absolute favorite. I just tried them for the first time and I just placed my second order! The hardest part is not eating too many!

  5. Dylan Castillo

    This product helped me so much with my pain management. I suffer from sever back pain and just 1 candy made me feel so much better. I’m happy I tried HHC and I will definitely continue to be a customer.

  6. Anthony Alvarez

    I really enjoyed my HHC gummies. The strawberry flavor was very delicious.

  7. Luca Price

    Hands down these are the best gummies I’ve ever had! Everything from the flavor to the high is 5/5.

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