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Summer Splash D8 x HHC + THCP Disposable Vape 2ML 2000MG Blend

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Ready to explore uncharted galaxies? Colorado Breeder’s Depot has the perfect ride for you! Hop onto their Summer Splash THC-P 2ML Disposable Vape and treat yourself with a powerful blast of cannabinoids sure to take your vaping experience beyond anything conceivable. Not only does this heavenly flavored vape taste great, but it also boasts temperature control features and an outrageously long battery life–allowing you to explore at maximum capacity each time. Don’t worry; we all know that when traveling through space one must be prepared, so don’t miss out on the highest quality cannabis derived terpenes and THC-P distillate packed into one beautiful box–guaranteed satisfaction in every hit!

What is THC-P and how will it make me feel?

Science strikes again! The discovery of THCP – tetrahydrocannabiphorol – is hot off the press, with research just beginning to explore its safety and potency. Extracted from hemp or marijuana plants using chromatography techniques (which sounds rather impressive) this cannabinoid has 33 times more affinity for CB1 receptors than delta 9 THC producing those psychoactive effects we know and love.

THCP is a new cannabinoid that has recently been discovered. It can make people feel relaxed and it may improve their sleeping patterns. THCP can also help with pain relief, reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. When using THCP, people should expect to experience a feeling of relaxation and improved well-being. However, they should be careful not to use too much, as this could result in drowsiness or even unconsciousness. Overall, THCP is a promising new cannabinoid that offers many benefits and can help people live happier, healthier lives.

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