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THCO Wedding Cake Smokable Hemp Flowers

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THCO Wedding Cake Smokable Hemp Flowers

We are proud to introduce our new indoor THCO Wedding Cake Smokable Hemp Flowers. This flower was cultivated organically in our custom indoor cultivation facility. At harvest, it is hand trimmed and 30 day cured prior to our custom infusion process. Our cold infusion preserves the terpenes and trichomes of the flower keeping them potent and vibrant, as apposed to sprayed flower that will usually turn dark through oxygenation. Because we infuse our oil into the flower rather than spray the outside, we are able to get 125 gm of oil per pound compared to the industry standard of 30-40 gm per pound. By using this process, we are able to provide our customers with a product that is not only potent and effective, but also tastes great and smells even better! We are confident that you will love our new THCO Wedding Cake Smokable Hemp Flowers – so make sure to try it today!

The flavor of this indica-dominant hybrid is an exceptional sweet aromatic essence with fruity undertones. This strain’s unique terpene profile consists primarily in Humulene, which provides for earth scents mixed together with floral notes like Limonene and Terpinolene providing a balance between both tastes.  The flavor profile has doughy qualities combined by vanilla tones underneath that is reminiscent of fresh-baked sourdough bread on your tongue.  Surely this unique flavor profile will please clients with even the most complex palettes.

Medical marijuana patients turn to Wedding Cake for help with pain, insomnia and appetite loss. The strain has also been known as a wonder drug among those who want control over their nerves or anxiety problems.  Neuromuscular regulation is also a term that gets tossed around, meaning that Wedding Cake may help people deal with depression and reduce symptoms related to muscular sclerosis and fibromyalgia.   Whether you are a first time user or a seasoned veteran, we are confident that you will enjoy our new infused THC-O Wedding Cake hemp flower.  Stop by and grab your flower today!

  1. Parker Castillo

    I ordered the infused sampler pack. All the flower was very good but the Wedding Cake was definitely my favorite! It tasted just like cake! I already ordered more I can’t wait for it to get here.

  2. Austin Myers

    I placed my order last Friday and it arrived to me on Tuesday. I was very happy with the delivery time. The glass jar comes nicely wrapped in bubble wrap and I was given a free pre-roll which I really appreciated. The flower is a very unique and enjoyable smoke. Great product.

  3. Everett Gomez

    My wife and I have been loyal customer for over a year. This is our first time trying the Wedding Cake and we wish we didn’t wait this long! Once again, we are very happy.

  4. Dominic Foster

    This has been a wonderful experience. My order showed up very fast. The box was packed very nicely. My product came in a beautiful glass jar that I can continue to use and it keeps my flower very fresh. The buds where a good size and so pretty I had to take pictures. The smell and taste reminds me of fresh baked cupcakes. I will definitely order more Wedding Cake.

  5. Greyson Phillips

    This company is really doing things right. They deliver what they advertise and in most cases their flower exceeds my expectations. I appreciate the high quality standard, keep up the great work!

  6. Weston Patel

    This is a great strain! I can’t get over the amazing flavor on this one.

  7. Xavier Jimenez

    Beautiful indoor flower. The infusion is perfectly done. 5/5

  8. Beau Sanders

    The Wedding Cake is fire. It has an amazing flavor and it punches hard too.

  9. Carson Ross

    I’ve tried THC-O flower from a few different companies and this is by far the best I have had. The flower is so top tier and the infusion is done so well. These buds smoke perfectly and deliver an amazing flavor that will coat your tongue. I would greatly recommend Colorado Breeders Depot.

  10. Ian Roberts

    Colorado Breeders Depot has done it again. This is by far some of the nicest THC-O flower I have ever seen.

  11. Connor Long

    I suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety. D9 gets me way too high these days. I’ve tried D8 but it doesn’t seem to help me much. I finally tried this THC-O flower and it was exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend this for anxiety or stress.

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THCO is a breakthrough cannabinoid obtained through hemp. THCO has the psychoactive components fun-seekers covet. Those who use THCO describe its effect as euphoric as it relieves stress, minimizes pain and produces joy similar to traditional cannabis.

Though many supposed industry insiders are adamant THCO is completely new to the market, the truth is it has been around for quite a while. THCO experiments were performed at a facility in Maryland known as Edgewood Arsenal. These experiments were conducted between the late 1940s and the mid-1970s. Researchers tested THCO to see if it had a positive impact on animals such as dogs. In particular, THCO was believed to be effective for dogs suffering from a lack of muscle movement coordination referred to as ataxia.

Should I Try THCO?

THCO is receiving more attention from the mainstream media with each passing day. However, the average person is unaware of the differences between THC and THC-O. Some errantly group all forms of THC into the same category as marijuana. However, as THCO enthusiasts are quick to state, smoking THCO is not the same as smoking marijuana or other substances. Let’s separate fact from fiction and shed the light on the truth about smoking THCO.

THCO is used for reasons aside from having a good time and alleviating stress and aches. Though few know it, THCO is also used to combat nausea. In fact, plenty of people who suffer from anxiety swear by THCO. Those with eating disorders, those dealing with cancer that stifles the appetite and others also use THCO.

THCO is revered far and wide for its comparably strong potency. THCO is a slight deviation from tetrahydrocannabinol, also referred to as THC. This THC derivative is created through a highly specialized chemical process. The resulting substance is quite potent, helping consumers alleviate stress and pain while enjoying a truly invaluable sense of euphoria.

If you were to poll those who have used regular THC and THCO, the vast majority would quickly testify THCO is that much more potent. Instead of resorting to higher and higher dosages of regular THC, consumers are now turning to the comparably potent THCO to achieve an even more enjoyable feeling while using comparably less and also paying that much less.

Those interested in smoking THCO are not encouraged to attempt to make it on their own. The process necessary to make THCO is not completely safe. Recognize the danger in developing this THC derivative and let the professionals mitigate those risks on your behalf. If you were to attempt to make THCO on your own, you might end up creating a toxic product, setting your home on fire and/or generating potentially deadly explosions. All you have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy THCO to the fullest and live the good life.

THCO is currently enjoyed by individuals looking for fun, stress relief and mental stimulation. However, if you were capable of time traveling a decade or to into the future, you might find THCO is commonly used by medical practitioners treating patients with all sorts of different maladies. THCO’s putative potency is superior to that of regular THC, meaning it might prove helpful in medical contexts. Though there are some concerns about the abuse of THCO after extensive use that might have long-term ramifications, it appears as though it is safe for use in the short-term and also across posterity.

It is quite possible THCO will eventually be used to treat depression, PTSD and other physical or mental maladies. As time progresses, THCO will likely be tested for toxicology in animal studies and also tested in a clinical setting for human use in the context of medical care. There might even be publicly traded companies that use THCO as a medical treatment modality at some point down the line. If THCO goes mainstream, there will likely be stiffer controls and regulations to eliminate any potential risks stemming from long-term consumption.