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THCP Blend KNOCKOUT Pineapple Express Gummies – 500MG

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THCP Blend KNOCKOUT Pineapple Express Gummies – 500MG

Colorado Breeders Depot is proud to offer a truly special product – our Pineapple Express THC-P Knockout Blend 500 MG gummies. This powerful blend has been specifically formulated for those looking for intense euphoric effects, combining Delta 8 THC with the well known cannabinoids of HHC and both forms of THC (THC-O & THCP). Every scrumptious gummy contains 50MG of this knockout blend, delivering an impressive total cannabinoid profile at 500mg per package.

How will Pineapple Express Knockout blend gummies make me feel?

Eating a cannabis gummy with THCp, HHC, THCo and Delta 8 can give someone a strong sense of euphoria. The gummy may make the person feel relaxed and happy. They could also experience changes in their perception of time or space. Eating cannabis gummies can be an enjoyable experience.

The THCp, HHC, THCo and Delta 8 found in cannabis gummies work together to give a person an intense high. The combination of the different cannabinoids creates strong euphoria that helps to improve mood and relax the body. It can also help reduce stress, anxiety and pain.

The effects from eating cannabis gummies with THCp, HHC, THCo and Delta 8 may be more powerful than just consuming one or two of the cannabinoids separately. That’s because when taken together they interact synergistically to produce stronger effects. This is what makes these types of cannabis gummies so popular among recreational users.

When it comes to how long you can expect to feel the effects of these cannabis gummies, that can vary depending on the person. Generally, the effects will last anywhere from one to six hours. That said, it’s important to note that everyone’s physiology is different and that results may vary.

Eating cannabis gummies with THCp, HHC, THCo and Delta 8 is an enjoyable way to experience euphoria and relaxation. Just make sure you know your limits and start slow as these products can be quite potent. It’s also important to remember that cannabis gummies are not for everyone so always use caution when consuming them.  With this knowledge in mind, you’re ready to enjoy the strong euphoric affects of eating cannabis gummies!

  1. Erin M (verified owner)

    I accidentally stumbled upon this company while searching for thc-p products. These are good 👍 I got them in a quick fashion. They sent my order out next day. The gummies are tasty but don’t keep them in your mouth for very long cause it gets gross. I’ve only used one so far but I feel amazing and I am a daily marijuana user. I will be ordering more.

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