Safe and quality product. Company is helpful and deliver great service.

Krystyna Gaestel Avatar
Krystyna Gaestel

Didn’t know what to expect at first. I ordered the sour diesel Strain, I was not disappointed. The smell and flavor of this flower was on point. Leo made the ordering process easy. My order also included a pre-roll of “Focus” and “Soothe”... the Sour Magma strain is one of my favorites , to Order from the depot... delivery is on time, Flower Euphoric.!!!!!!!!!!

James Brown Avatar
James Brown

I was truly impressed by the quality and freshness of the purple urkle buds I just received. The turnaround was fast and Sunny texted to let me know order was shipping.Great experience for first order with CBD.I will be back again!

Dennis Allen Avatar
Dennis Allen

I ordered 2 packs of non feminized seeds. Abacus and Cherry. Planted 2 cherry and both germinated. Have planted 30 Abacus and ALL 30 germinated! I have never had this happen. Either I got very lucky, or the germination rates on the Abacus strain are spot on! 💯 will happily leave another review when I plant a bigger crop of Cherry! This company will have and keep my business for every strain I choose to get! Thanks guys!

Apiphany Richie Avatar
Apiphany Richie

This place is soo great to order fro . Very easy and helpful. They pack && ships it fresh.. and it arrives so fast..

Kristi Kelsey Avatar
Kristi Kelsey

Colorado Breeders Depot is the company in the CBD industry you should be checking out. Great customer service on a personal level is just the start. The products are shipped safely and FAST. Colorado Breeders Depot has amazing CBD products of the highest quality and at a reasonable price. Their packaging is geared towards the customer using Grove Bags, keeping things fresh and at a superior quality. I can't say enough good things about this company.

Joshua Eastman Avatar
Joshua Eastman

A cool up-size, very together with each purchase...!

Cheeks Smith Avatar
Cheeks Smith

Overly-Satisfied . Definitely the best quality for the lowest price. Super excited to do business with you guys. Shipment made it within 5 days. Buds are nice and big and full of terpenes that hit you right out of the bag. Some sour and some sweet. 10000000% recommend.

Javier Dunn Avatar
Javier Dunn

I am a big fan of the Lemon OG delta 8 shatter. Colorado Breeders Depot is my favorite supplier of delta 8 products. Very reasonably priced and high quality.

Lux Cuellar Avatar
Lux Cuellar

Sweet Jeezus, Merry and Joe's hip - hands down the best products to ever have hit my lungs. The only burn during my transaction was a celebratory one that occured after opening my package that arrived faster than telaportation. The prices are disgustingly low and the quality was mind blowingly delicious. How can one spend so little and receive so much?? To top it all off the service was amazing. Sunny assisted me in finding what I needed and went above and beyond to satisfy my desires. I say make like my jeans and give him a raise!

Jazman Thompson Avatar
Jazman Thompson

Amazing deals, beautiful Product!!! My order was processed fast and delivered early, so all in all best buying experience I’ve had online in the CBD market to this date. I want to shake their hands personally

James Remmers Avatar
James Remmers

Super fast service and high quality products!

Aaron Guzman Avatar
Aaron Guzman

I don’t frequently write reviews but as an individual who hunted and searched for top quality CBD HEMP FLOWER I felt compelled to write this review and hope it meets others searching for the absolute best CBD flower hands down. Colorado Breeders Depot is the best CBD hemp flower cultivators I have been able to find and I have searched extensively. I have shopped around and spent $100’s. But I feel it was wasted in comparison to the product that they offer. I got some purple urkle from them and it was out of this world. Completely blew the competition away. I also got some bulk blue dream and it’s apparent to me that their bulk product is most of the industries high quality. Their high quality is unmatched. Cured properly and just absolutely beautiful. The customer service was right up there with the quality of product that they produce. I can tell that they take pride in there plants and customer relations. Reaching out to me after I placed my order and following up when I had any questions quickly. They also threw in a gift I don’t know if this is a regular practice but I was blessed. Shipping came early and much much faster than any of their competitors. I strongly suggest that you check them out. Save your self the wasted money.

Tyler Durden Avatar
Tyler Durden

Thanks to Sunny and crew for a fine product! Very pleased with the variety pack. Prices are great and customer service was beyond terrific! Recommend to anyone looking for quality and service.

Mike DiRubbio Avatar
Mike DiRubbio

After trying several hemp flower companies I have to say CBDepot has it together. Offering great pricing and deals, not really comparable to others on the market. The quality is there already so I look forward to seeing what your team breeds up. Fast shipping! Great communication! 5 stars...Troy Dirt

michelle querry Avatar
michelle querry

The $99 John’s special was very good and is a must buy for anyone. I even recommended to others.

Chris Byrd Avatar
Chris Byrd

Great products, very few seeds and weights are always good with fast shipping!

Henry R. Spikes, Jr. Avatar
Henry R. Spikes, Jr.

I got four oz special and it is crazy good taste smell and looks just like the real thing I love all the flavors with this company you get your moneys worth all the way thanks so much colorado breeders depot for everything customer for life HDW.

Dan Welch Avatar
Dan Welch

I ordered Thursday morning and had my product to the opposite side of colorado by Saturday afternoon, with regular shipping. Shout out to Jordan, Sunny, and the whole crew at colorado breeders depot.The smoke is smooth and uplifting. I could not be happier at their price point. I got a qp for $100 with 5 free prerolls an a 1g pressed puck of kief. Multiple deals going always.Colorado knows cannabis. You don't have to look any further.

Jerry Millard Avatar
Jerry Millard

First, I'd like to say that I was nervous about ordering CBD flowers online, for (1) I'd bought some CBD flowers from some local tobacco shops here in Georgia and quite frankly, I was (2) not very impressed.FYI: I'm a 60 year old disabled veteran, whose presently diagnosed with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and since CBD flowers are my ALTERNATIVE to taking aspirin, Statin drugs and having a mechanical stent inserted into the main artery of my left leg ... I must consume a LARGE quantity of CBD flowers for it to be effective, whether the quality of those flowers are good or not; just to keep from (a) having my leg amputated from below the knee or (b) dying from heart disease complications, as a result of not consuming the Cannabis Sativa L (marijuana and hemp) plant, for over a year and a half.So when I stumbled across this website for the Colorado Breeders Depot and saw their unbelievably affordable prices ... I immediately thought their low prices, coupled with massive Buy One Get One (BOGO) free and SPECIALS, meant mediocre flower quality at best.Yet! I decided to take a chance on the Jordan Special anyways (for the FYI reason mentioned above) and WOW! Was I pleasantly surprised at those flowers' superior quality.I, initially tried one of the Champagne pre-rolled cones, even though I can't stand pre-rolled cones, cause I'm a traditional white paper rolling man aka a TOP'S rolling paper man, whose in love with TOP'S 100 sheets per pack at very affordable prices.However, half-way through that pre-rolled cone, I started feeling very very RELAXED!I felt so relaxed that I thought Colorado Breeders Depot, had accidentally sent me some of their new D8 flowers rolled into pre-rolled cones by mistake; because usually when I smoke CBD flowers, it's like eating unsalted chicken ... bland as hell to me!I immediately contacted my sales rep, Ms. Sunny; and let her know just how impressed I was with their Champagne CBD flowers.I also promised to give, Ms. Sunny; a truthful critique of those other CBD flowers (OG Kush, Purple Mendocino and California Sunrise) that I had several ounces of.WOW! WOW and WOW! Taking my CBD flower medication, has never been so enjoyably relaxing and cost-effective before.FYI: I was arrested on February 13, 2019, for growing my own medicinal marijuana (Ghost Train Haze #1, Bruce Banner #3, Kosher Kush, etc.) in order to successfully treat my medical conditions of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Pulmonary Embolisms (PE) and mild Emphysema, which NO TRADITIONAL MEDICATIONS of Coumadin (warfarin aka RAT POISON), Atorvastatin and Rosuvastatin could treat ... Yes I said SUCCESSFULLY, for even the Radiology department of the V.A. Hospital confirmed that my legs were completely clear of DVTs and my left lung was finally clear of those six (6) stubborn pulmonary embolisms and mild Emphysema, after I started using my own homegrown Deep Water Culture (DWC) marijuana, under high powered LED lights on light movers.So now I'll give you an ex-MARIJUANA GROWER'S review of those CBD flowers from Colorado Breeders Depot.First, those CBD flowers were spongy between my thumb and forefinger, indicating that those CBD flowers still had enough internal moisture to continue the curing process.Second, those trichomes under a 30X Loupe, revealed that those CBD flowers had been given some time to cure, before being shipped directly out to consumers ... a very BIG PLUS in my book.Third, the smell of those CBD flowers' terpenes were very similar to one another ... again supporting that those flowers had been given sufficient time to cure.Fourth and last, those CBD flowers were so good and relaxing that I wondered if those CBD flowers were TRULY legal! LMFAO! :-)In closing, I want to sincerely thank, Ms. Sunny and Colorado Breeders Depot, for making my medicine time ... FUN AGAIN! 😉

Nathan Johnson Avatar
Nathan Johnson

Great products, great prices, and amazing customer service!!

Stacy Liddle Avatar
Stacy Liddle

This is absolutely the best around!

Joshua Anderson Avatar
Joshua Anderson

Colorado Breeders Depot take pride in their product and it shows! From the top-shelf quality of Flowers all the way down to the packaging! Jack Herer was smooth and just what i needed for my arthritis! The Blue Dream with its deep pine aroma was surprisingly calming and works well with aiding sleep which is hard for me to get...excellent customer service with every order and you can tell they want to make sure your happy with every purchase! hands down Colorado Breeders is the best online company i have dealt with ! Special Thanks to Sunny for all of the help ,,,your Awesome!


Beautiful flower! Nice nugs, nice smell. Timely and secure delivery, great product, attentive staff, great customer service! Entertained feedback and consumed knowledge on a follow-up conversation initiated by the seller! Highly recommend.

Nicky Plank Avatar
Nicky Plank

Great customer service on here and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the products 10/10 recommend this site

Kid Passs Avatar
Kid Passs

I just tried Colorado Breeders Depot Delta 8 hemp flower the juicy fruit strain the smell is incredible fruity and sweet the smoke extremely extremely potent top shelf high grade at a pretty competitive reasonable price

Regular Guy (Big A) Avatar
Regular Guy (Big A)

Just placed my second order with CBD. Shipping is MUCH faster than with most other providers and while I haven't tried everything they have to offer as yet, I've been VERY pleased with what I've received so far. Prices are fair, CS is amazing and always there to explain or clarify. Product is beyond awesome and I'm really happy to have found them. I will be a returning customer from now on!

Angie McCray Avatar
Angie McCray

Thank you everyone so much!!!!! Service is outstanding!!!!! Products are wonderful!!!!!I feel so much better now!

Edmund Geist Avatar
Edmund Geist

I had a terrific experience with Colorado Breeders depo. They have the best customer service. They give excellent advice. I bought Tsunami autoflower and had 100%. Germination rate. They look amazing, the fast growth rate. Any questions I have they answer back immediately.I also purchased Blackjack. It was a few short, and without question they fixed everything.I will always buy from them

Randy Hamelers Avatar
Randy Hamelers

Awesome experience!! My son has autism and he does well on CBD. The dispensaries here do not have much selection in high CBD strains. I received some hemp from CBD and it was wonderful and smells so fresh!! In addition Sunny was a superstar in speaking with me regarding what strains may work well. The owner even took a personal interest in our story. I am buying again today and will continue to purchase more fresh hemp that we infuse in oil for my son! Thank you so much!!!

Marylynn b Avatar
Marylynn b

My first order with Colorado Breeders came in fast! I purchased John's sampler because I wanted to grab both the Jack Frost CBG and Purple Mendocino CBD. Both met and exceeded expectations. Flower quality was very good. Everything arrived well sealed and packed, and in good shape. They even subbed out the comp pre-rolls for something I could vape! (I don't smoke) 🙂 Great service, and the flower is great quality. I will look forward to ordering more from CO! Keep up the good work!

Bradford Gorea Avatar
Bradford Gorea

I brought the sourDesi shatter and it was so good The feeling was over the top I had to reorder I definitely will be buying more.I also bought the flowers will leave a review when I try that. Fast shipping and Sonny was a great help.

Pamela Ivy Avatar
Pamela Ivy

The people here are absolutely the best. Sunny is a real Gem.... walked me through the ordering process, outside of business hours!A personal Thank you!Colorado Breeders provided me with some very fresh flowers, the smelled amazing!The effects are both calm and relaxing. Left me highly impressed. Since ordering, I've gone an entire week without smoking high THC flowers. The longest I've gone in 18 years!The delivery arrived in 2 days.... from Colorado to the East Coast!I'm on board!!!!

C R Avatar

These guys are the best in the hemp business. Beautiful flowers and amazing customer service. It's pretty cool how Sunny reaches out via text message after placing a order, then again after receiving it. Its a nice personal touch that I've never experienced with other vendors. Give them a try and you'll see what I mean. U won't be disappointed. 5 stars all day!Thanks guys!

E Avatar

Very professional. Very fast shipping. I purchased around 9am and by noon had already shipped. Best looking buds ive ever seen

Virgilio Rodriguez Avatar
Virgilio Rodriguez

I really like the quality of the strains. You can tell that the plants were cared for and nututred. The buds look great and the smell is really good. I was suprised; but I returned to purchase more.

Canna Talk Avatar
Canna Talk

I've been looking for a decent source for CBG, both flower and trim. CBG will be the next CBD as it addresses critical ailments that CBD doesn't. Colorado Breeder's Depot was able to provide me all the flower and trim that I needed, at extremely competitive pricing with expedited delivery. I got product in a couple days, quality was awesome. I would like to note - if you don't see what you need, give them a call. Their customer service is also amazing, and helped my find things that I didn't find on their website. If you have a project with CBG _ Colorado Breeder's Depot is the place to get what you need.

Mike Talbert Avatar
Mike Talbert

I juts recently started buying from Colorado Breeders Depot and I am a huge fan. Not only are the prices very good and the quality of the hemp flower is excellent. Also, they have a staff that is intrested in forming clientel rather than meeting quotas. Will definitely continue to purchase from them!

Blake Bishop Avatar
Blake Bishop

Germinated 550 seeds. Had a very high germination rate with the Tsunami, probably around 97 percent. Plants are in week 3-4 of growth and are strong and healthy and on their way to the greenhouse.Thanks so much

Jerry Richards Avatar
Jerry Richards

Excellent product top-of-the-line customer service a pleasure to do business with one of the best vendors I deal with thank you very much

Melvin Ferlder Avatar
Melvin Ferlder

Really happy with the experience. I jumped the gun a little bit when the Tsunami seeds took some time to pop. These should be good genetics though. John and Sunny were really responsive to my concerns. Looking forward to growing them out. Its hard to find good CBD seeds out there, so definitely excited to see the final product.

Scott Marsh Avatar
Scott Marsh

Just placed an international order from my home in Mexico. I was absolutely stunned to get a phone call back immediately from Jordan of their company who received the order and was super attentive and kind. He was thorough and very focused on helping to resolve the challenges of my complex shipping address. I had been referred to this company from two trusted friends and the personal touch meant a lot. Looking forward to receiving my order but having already sampled their flower and their Shatter, I am sure that I won't be disappointed. Rare, top quality customer service. 5 stars!

Andrew Berz Avatar
Andrew Berz

I ordered 7 grams of sour diesel cbd flower and I was very happy. It was exactly as they stated it was and looked identical to the pictures on their website. Couldnt be happier. 5 stars.Ps they threw in a free pre roll!

noslow50ford Avatar

I have been alive for 28 years and have never encountered a company with better customer service! They texted me before my order was shipped out, and when I decided to cancel my subscription due to health reasons (I cancelled before they shipped) they issued an immediate refund and even texted me a week later to make sure I got my money back from my bank. They are amazing. Hemp definitely isn’t for everyone (people with schizophrenia and other mental illness should stay far away unless there doctor says otherwise) but this company is definitely showing love and making a difference. Pray and support these people!!!

The Fasting Fruitarian Avatar
The Fasting Fruitarian

I have delt with 3 other companies and they can't come close to beating this company, nice attentive people, always having good specials, the products are very good...sunny your the best !!!! 👍💖🤘

Whistle Blower Avatar
Whistle Blower

Loving my purchases!!!Green house megapack cbd and 1/2 lb cbg , 5 pre rolls, and keif.$ of trim $70Equals supplementing my rso with reg and cbd/cbg.You can’t go wrongHopefully this RSO will help someone IN NEED.God bless the CDB work family

A S Avatar

Purchased the Johns special listed online, the deal was too good to pass on. The 4 strains included were all fresh, well trimmed and most importantly quality buds. I was thoroughly impressed with the CBG flower it makes for a very smooth smoke. Overall would purchase again. Thanks Colorado Breeders Depot!

Lou V Avatar
Lou V

We are a boutique cannabis farm located in Charlotte, North Carolina and we absolutely love the genetics we got from Colorado Breeders Depot. From great customer service to fantastic plants, we will continue to get our genetics from Colorado Breeders Depot!

- Garden of Panacea

Garden of Panacea Avatar
Garden of Panacea

I ordered my product online and it was prompt on arrival. Their have quality products with reasonable prices. The Purple Mendocino really help with relaxing and calming. Thanks Colorado Breeders Depot!!

T Spires Avatar
T Spires

As a relatively new grower, John and Sunny have been absolutely fantastic! They have been extremely responsive and willing to share their knowledge. If our early experience continues to be consistent, I highly recommend them as a Supplier and am looking forward to continuing to work with them in the future...

Steve Lindsay Avatar
Steve Lindsay

These guys are the best in the hemp business. Beautiful flowers and amazing customer service. It's pretty cool how Sunny reaches out via text message after placing a order, then again after receiving it. Its a nice personal touch that I've never experienced with other vendors. Give them a try and you'll see what I mean. U won't be disappointed. 5 stars all day!

Thanks guys!

E Avatar

Great high quality products! Both the Jack Frost CBG and Skittles CBD flower were cured perfectly, super tasty, very effective and professionally packaged. I personally enjoy the effects of combining CBG and CBD flower. No complaints and will be ordering again.

Geoffrey Todd Avatar
Geoffrey Todd

I am VERY satisfied with Colorado Breeders Depot, plain and simple. I will Definitely be ordering from them again, and Sunny was extremely professional and nd kind .She carefully explained everything to me and answered any and all questions I had. Once and, Thank you very much, and I look forward to my next order.

Scott Smith Avatar
Scott Smith

Colorado Breeders Depot is a hidden gem in the hemp industry. I've ordered from a lot of companies, and I can honestly say that these guys are one of the best. I ordered a sampler pack that included 8 different strains.The price was great. The shipping and handling were both fast. The packaging was nice. The flowers appeared to be hand trimmed. The bud sizes were much larger than I expected for each sample only being an eighth. Each strain had a unique and pleasant aroma and taste. See my image for more info on each strain (my wife put each of them in their own little jars).We will most certainly be ordering from Colorado Breeders Depot again!

D4LK0S Avatar

Every time I have a question or need any help I’m ALWAYS able to talk to someone! Customer service is 100% with Colorado Breeders Depot!

Liliani Colon Avatar
Liliani Colon