5 Things You Need to Know About Smoking Delta 8 Flower

1. What, Exactly, is Smoking Delta 8 Flower Really all About?

Chances are you have heard of Delta 8 flower and smoking Delta 8 flower– also referred to as D8 flower.  Yet you might not be completely certain as to what it is and why it is becoming so popular. Cannabis users far and wide rave about Delta-8 THC flower as it is traditional hemp flower enhanced with the Delta Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) extract. This alteration to hemp flowers does not naturally form on its own yet the end result after smoking the product is quite enjoyable.

Delta 8 flower is one part natural formation and one part man-made alteration.  It uses the uber-popular Delta 8 THC distillate. In short, buds are modified through targeted processes that add Delta 8 extract.  This creates the Delta 8 flowers that the public just can’t get enough of.

2. An Inside Look at the Feeling You get When Smoking Delta 8 Flower

delta 8

Let’s get to the good stuff. Delta 8 flower is favored by fun-seekers and also those in search of a comparably mellow high. Some Delta 8 flower smokers also report it enhances concentration. The therapeutic benefits of Delta 8 flowers even have the potential to decrease potential motion sickness.

D8 enthusiasts insist the flower also provides the following benefits:

  • Enhances mood
  • Provides energy
  • Induces relaxation
  • Alleviates tension
  • Calms the mind

The terpenes added to Delta 8 flower infuse flavor that makes the smoking experience all the more enjoyable. Above all, what matters most in regard to the feeling experienced after using D8 flower is the amount consumed.

Consume a significant amount of the flower and your experience will be that much more intense. However, the impact Delta 8 flower has on you might be somewhat different from that of another person.  Try to alter the quantity and frequency of D8 flower consumption to get a sense of how you respond.  Make the appropriate adjustments moving forward and you will maximize your enjoyment of this uplifting experience.

3. To Eat D 8 Flower or Smoke D 8 Flower? That is the Question

Indeed, you can consume D8 flower in edible form. However, edibles containing THC take upwards of several hours to produce a body high. If you are looking for a quick and mild buzz, smoking D8 flower is the best method of consumption. Aside from smoking and eating D8 flowers, they can also be consumed in the form of cartridges and tinctures.

The method you select for consumption ultimately determines the absorption rate. Smoking or vaping Delta 8 flower hastens the rate of absorption. Though topical use is also an option, it will not produce any type of high. Thus, the majority of those who consume D8 flower choose to smoke it or vaporize it, oftentimes in the company of friends or a significant other.

4. Driving After D8 Flower Consumption is not a Good Idea

It is a mistake to drive an automobile, operate heavy machinery or partake in any other potentially dangerous activity after consuming D8 flower. Though Delta 8 is not as potent as regular marijuana, it will produce a buzz that makes driving dangerous.

If you are pulled over while driving after consuming D8 flower and the police officer can prove you are even slightly inebriated, you might face significant punishment including:

  • Arrest
  • Fines
  • Suspension or forfeiture of your driver’s license
  • Time in jail

5. The Differences Between Delta 8 Flower and CBD Hemp Flower

CBD hemp flower does not produce a buzz or high. Industrial hemp consists of a paltry 0.03% THC. Alternatively, Delta 8 flower provides an enjoyable buzz. Though several different CBD hemp flower strains exist and some taste similar to marijuana, the smoking experience simply does not compare to that of Delta 8 flower.

As most people know, hemp grows in plant form. This naturally occurring plant is sometimes referred to as flower. Delta 8 THC does not grow in the form of a natural plant. Delta 8 THC is contained within hemp plants at a low concentration. Yet a specialized process involving extraction, isolation and precise refinement is necessary to obtain a significant amount of the cannabinoid.