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Sour Diesel Strain

Strain Name: Sour Diesel

Type of Strain: Sativa-dominant strain at 90% Sativa / 10% Indica

Lineage of Sour Diesel: Chemdawg 91 x Super Skunk

Brief History of Sour Diesel: Sour Diesel is one of the favorite strains in the cannabis industry, both for recreational and medicinal use.

Although Sour Diesel is a popular strain loved by many, its history is unknown. No one really knows who its exact breeders are, except that it entered the cannabis scene in the 1980s to 1990s. As for its lineage, some say it’s a cross between Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. However, there are also those who think that that its parent strains are Chemdawg as well as Northern Lights. There are also those who believe that this strain is an offspring of three strains – Chemdawg 91, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights. Some even believe that it’s a cross between Chemdawg and Mexican Sativa.

Whatever its true origin is or whoever its breeders are, Sour Diesel is a strain that will always remain popular.

Characteristics of Sour Diesel Hemp: Being Sativa-dominant, Sour Diesel has all the characteristics of a Sativa plant. Its leaves are long, slender, and light green in color with some yellowish highlights, while its flowers are elongated and tapered at the tip like a spear. The buds are also light green in color and covered in a layer of frosty trichomes, with orange to reddish brown hairs weaving through the buds.

Growing Environment: Sour Diesel thrives well in a warmer climate, with temperatures ranging between 20 and 29 degrees Celsius. Although this strain can also be grown indoors, it’s best to grow them outdoors or in greenhouses, especially since they grow pretty rapidly.

Harvest Time: Sour Diesel requires moderate to maximum care and maintenance because of stretching and its need for regular training and pruning. But do it well and they can produce above-average yield. Flowering time can take anywhere between 10 and 11 weeks.

Cannabinoid Profile of Sour Diesel Hemp: One of the factors that differentiate hemp from cannabis is its THC levels. For the plant to be categorized as hemp, its THC level should not exceed 0.3%. Anything above 0.3% is categorized as cannabis.

Our Sour Diesel Hemp has a low THC content of only 0.04% and THCV of 0.02%. Its CBD levels are high at CBDA of 12.90% and CBD of 0.36%. This gives you a ratio of 27.35:1 CBD to THC or 0.04:1 THC to CBD.

Other cannabinoids found in our Sour Diesel Hemp include CBGA of 0.37%, CBG of 0.05%, CBC of 0.05%, and THCA of 0.45%.

You can learn more about its laboratory test result here.

Terpene Profile of Sour Diesel: According to a laboratory report, Sour Diesel has high humulene, pinene, and caryophyllene levels. It also contains other terpenes such as linalool, myrcene, limonene, and terpinolene.

Flavors and Aromas of Sour Diesel: Sour Diesel is famous for its sour, dank, sweet, and skunky aroma with strong hints of diesel as well as spices and citrus fruits. Its flavors burst in your tongue with a mix of sweet, skunky, earthy, and diesel flavors with spicy and citrusy undertones.

Type of High: Sour Diesel is a fast-acting strain that delivers an instantaneous head high. You will feel energized with enhanced creativity, and you will also feel uplifted and euphoric. Depending on your mood, it can make you more talkative and sociable or more introspective and meditative.

Its Indica effects are subtle. It’s not known to cause full head and body relaxation, but it will make you feel more at ease and relaxed. It is for this reason why Sour Diesel is a great wake-and-bake strain. It Sativa genes give your energy just the right push to start your day without its Indica genes making you want to go right back to bed.

Positive Effects of Sour Diesel: Sour Diesel has very uplifting and energizing effects. It’s known to boost mood and enhance creativity. These are perfect ingredients to give your day a good start. Additionally, it also produces mild relaxing effects, so you feel calmer and more in control to tackle your tasks.

Negative Effects of Sour Diesel: Sour Diesel, like other strains, also has some side effects. For one, it makes your eyes and mouth feel dry. Two, it can cause a headache or dizziness, especially if you’re new to smoking hemp.

How to Get Rid of Sour Diesel’s Side Effects: The side effects of Sour Diesel Hemp typically disappear after a few hours, once its effects wear off. If they become too uncomfortable, drinking plenty of water, resting, and sleeping can help ease some of your discomfort.

Who Can Use Sour Diesel Hemp: Hemp also allows them to benefit from the Entourage Effect of cannabinoids and terpenes for symptom control.

Price: You can find premium-quality Sour Diesel Hemp at Colorado Breeders Depot for only $6.99 per gram. For wholesale hemp flowers, you can buy one pound for $549. If you want to know more about our products, feel free to get in touch with us via live chat or send us a message through our website.


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