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The Power of Hemp Flower: Best Quality CBD Strains

Are you looking for alternative CBD strains to use?

Now that the CBD industry is here to stay, consumers are free to take their time in choosing the different strands that come with it. This often lets consumers discover that different strains have bigger differences than they realize. This leads to a debate in the community to recognize which strains are the best to use.

If you want to find out for yourself but don’t have the time to explore all available strains in your area, read what’s below, instead. Discover the top strains and try them out for yourself now!

1. Sweet and Sour Widow

This is the best strain to start with if you’re looking for an entry point into smoking hemp flowers. It’s even split in CBD and THC content makes it enjoyable no matter what you’re taking it for. This is because it comes from a mild flower, the White Widow.

What’s great about this strain is that it won’t have too much of an impact on your psyche. This is why it makes for the perfect strain for first-timers. They won’t get overwhelmed and it leaves them with an enjoyable sensation for a moment.

2. Harlequin

Looking for a CBD strain coming from a high-quality flower? Try out the Harlequin strain! Its main parent flower is the popular Colombian Gold, one of the most beloved strains of industrial hemp flowers. The strain has a focusing effect that helps individuals settle on the task at hand. It also has a mild euphoric effect that allows the user to have an enhanced experience with their task at hand.

This is because in making this strain, other flower strains are also mixed in with Colombian Gold. Thai, Swiss Landrace, and another indica flower from Nepal combine to make up one of the most popular strains today.


If you’re looking for a good strain to help you with anxiety, try out ACDC. Its cannabinoid content puts it among the high CBD strains for anxiety. It’s also a good choice for consumers who want to relieve tensions and pains.

What’s great about it is that the strain has a small amount of THC. This means you need not worry about hallucinogenic effects when using this strain. It makes for the perfect companion for you if you want to get rid of anxiety and paranoia.

4. Cherry Wine

Known for its distinct flavor and scent, Cherry Wine is a great strain if you want a nice change of pace. This flower strain smells like wine and cheese when you try it for the first time. This gives you the feeling of being in a cozy room dining on the finer things in life.

This makes Cherry Wine a great choice for a relaxant. There’s no better way to relax than by having the room filled with the smell of these food items. The strain having a small amount of THC also helps with making your mind more relaxed along with your muscles.

5. Secret Dream

This sativa strain leaves a different feeling in your mouth once smoked. It will leave you with a sour, sticky sensation that can catch you off guard if you’re smoking it for the first time. This is because of the hand-trimmed buds that make up the majority of the strain. Its blue leaves are then mixed with white crystals to give this strain its signature look.

Smoking these buds can have mind-altering effects thanks to its high cannabinoid content. It’s perfect for you if you want to take a euphoric trip in the blink of an eye. You’ll understand the name after your first experience with this strain.

6. Cannatonic

Are you looking for a strain that you can enjoy whenever? Cannatonic is often the last choice among the CBD strains because of its name. People often mistake it for a heavy sedative. If you look into this strain, though, you’ll learn that it’s more than what the name implies. This is because of it’s CBD to THC content being 5:1. It gives consumers a good strain to use for leisure or as an entry point before using stronger strains.

It’s also among the most popular strains today thanks to those who use CBD for medical purposes. Its small THC content means that it doesn’t give any hallucinogenic effects when taken in. It offers only pain relief and reduces swelling, too.

7. T1 Flower

If you’re looking for a more citrusy strain, consider using T1 Flower. This strain has heavy notes of citrus along with a hint of lavender. This makes it a great strain for anyone who doesn’t want to offend others with the smell of smoke.

The strain also has an imperceptible amount of THC. It makes it the perfect strain for those who smoke hemp as a past time.

8. Ringo’s Gift

Named after a forerunner in the CBD industry, Lawrence Ringo, this strain has the strongest effects on the market today. This is because its the number 1 choice for people looking for high CBD low THC strains. The ratio being 24:1 means that it’s more potent than most strains and will have its effects take place faster, too.

The birth of this strain is thanks to the combination of 2 high-CBD strains. ACDC and Hare-Tsu are among the most notable strains in anxiety and pain relief. It only made sense that combining the 2 boosted their mood-enhancing effects, too.

Try These CBD Strains Today

If you want to know which strain works for you, the best way is to try the best ones out. Get started with these CBD strains and work your way to knowing which ones are the best for you today!

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